1. Dream Home: Watsonia North, VIC | Taeler & Elle's House

    Dream Home: Watsonia North, VIC | Taeler & Elle's House

    Dive into the Dream Home renovation of Elle's Watsonia North home! Witness Taeler's design vision come to life with Beaumont Tiles...

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  2. Dream Home

    Dream Home

    See how everyday Aussies design their dream kitchens, bathrooms & more on Dream Home. Get inspired & find your perfect tiles...

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  3. Dream Home: Northcote, VIC | Brad & Mel's House

    Dream Home: Northcote, VIC | Brad & Mel's House

    Want to see how Beaumont Tiles elevates this Northcote (VIC) on Dream Home this season? Check out our blog for the latest reveals...

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  4. Making Home: More Beautiful, More Lived In, More Loved

    Making Home: More Beautiful, More Lived In, More Loved

    Farmhouse dreams come true! Join Beaumont Tiles & Making Home's reno journey. Tips, inspo & stunning results await! ...

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  5. Open Homes Australia - Deb & Andy House 2

    Open Homes Australia - Deb & Andy House 2

    Deb & Andy's House 2 on Open Homes Australia! See how Beaumont Tiles helped create a wabi-sabi haven. Get inspired...

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  6. Kyal & Kara Bay Builds

    Kyal & Kara Bay Builds

    French vs Spanish coastal style Kyal & Kara use Beaumont Tiles to create dream homes! Read now...

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  7. Modern kitchen with stainless steel appliances (sink, dishwasher, stove, oven). White cabinets, light hardwood floors, large window.

    Space Invaders - From Clutter to Comfort: Transforming Your Home into a Relaxing & Social Space

    Feeling stressed by clutter? Our blog reveals Kathy's relaxing home makeover! Declutter tips & more...

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  8. The Ronnie & Georgia Property Project

    The Ronnie & Georgia Property Project

    The ultimate solution for creating stylish and affordable dream spaces. Beaumont Tiles understands the importance of tight budgets...

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  9. A renovated master room featured wall, luxury grey tiles, shades of blue bedding and ceiling lamps

    Space Invaders - Kylie & Paul Reclaim Their Home: From Clutter Chaos to Family Oasis

    Clutter chaos to family oasis? See Kylie & Paul's amazing transformation & stunning Beaumont Tiles...

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  10. A pastel pink modern carpeted bright sewing room promoting episode 4 of the space invaders tv show

    Space Invaders - Sandra & Denise Embracing New Beginnings

    Cluttered by memories? Join Sandra & Denise's heartwarming makeover & discover a fresh start...

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  11. A renovated garage with a large benchtop, hanging lights, luxury stone look tiles from Space Invaders

    Space Invaders - Joe & Efrem's Transforming Chaos into Creativity

    Discover Jo & Efrem's inspiring garage and music room makeover journey! From chaos to creativity, find tips & inspiration...

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  12. As Seen on The Garden Hustle TV Show

    The Garden Hustle 2024

    Hosted by Dave Franklin and Lisa McCune, The Garden Hustle is a quirky, innovative lifestyle gardening show packed with creative gardening...

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  13. An Image of a living room promoting Beaumont Tiles Tile of the year : Pompeii

    Tile Of The Year 2024

    Step into luxury with Pompeii, our Tile of the Year 2024. Explore the secrets of seamless design in our latest blog post – your invitation...

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  14. As Seen on The Twin Off Series Alisa and Lysandra Beaumont Tiles

    The Twin Off Series

    Introducing The 'Twin Off' Series! Alisa and Lysandra go head-to-head designing two incredible houses...

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  15. The Block 2023 - Steph & Gian

    The Block 2023 - Steph & Gian

    Steph and Gian, the spirited couple from Sydney, fuse architectural flair with startup savvy, radiating youthful charm and a dynamic...

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