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Product Highlights


For Australia's most versatile tiles, Microtec is the simple solution to seamless transitions. Smooth to touch and safer when wet, now that's indoor-outdoor living made easy. How clever!


An Innovative Solution For Safer Wet Areas

Applied during the manufacturing process, Microtec is an advanced new glazing technology exclusive to Beaumonts that creates a surprisingly smooth surface of slip resistance. This makes it super simple to cater to both internal and external areas by using the identical tile across multiple applications.

Traditionally when selecting tiles for indoor, outdoor and wet areas you would be required to find a tile with the same design but a different finish. Today with Microtec you just need the one tile which brings a seamless consistency to your space - perfect for Australia's love of open plan living.

What Is Microtec?

Unlike conventional slip-resistance technologies where randomly applied abrasives are used to create a rough surface, Microtec is a fine uniform coating of microscopic granules applied during manufacturing to form a smooth grip finish that will last the life of your tile.

Create effortless flow through your next project with Microtec.

Our Hot Tip: Browse our Microtec brochure to read about Microtec's features and explore our range.

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Key Features Of Microtec

  • An advanced smooth slip-resistance with a safe grip that activates when wet.
  • A uniform coating of microscopic granules.
  • Feels more like a matt finish.
  • Has a minimum rating of P3/R10.
  • Avoid discrepancy on finish appearance for effortless design flow
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Cleaning Microtec

Microtec textured tiles create seamless transitions between multiple areas and are easy to maintain. Follow these steps to keep your Microtec textured tiles looking good as new:

    • Dilute up to 1:1 with water
    • Let the cleaner dwell for approximately 15 minutes
    • Scrub the surface with a doodle pad or stiff bristle brush
    • Mop up residue and wash with GreenClean Everyday Tile Cleaner as a final step
  • If you notice a dull haze just after your new tiles are laid, or you are finding that your tiles are getting dirty very quickly - don’t panic! This will likely be grout residue. The good news is that it’s easily washed off with Beaumonts Microtec Cement Residue Remover
  • Grout additives or boosters should be avoided with Microtec or textured tiles. If they have been used, clean the tiles with Lithofin Wax-Off or Resin-EX first, before the initial grout haze clean.
  • For everyday cleaning, we recommend Beaumonts GreenClean Everyday Tile Cleaner.

For more helpful information check out our Microtec brochure.