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DIY Tiling

Before You Begin

Before you get started with your DIY job, we recommend you have a quick look at our handy tips below so you’re prepared for your DIY journey and ready to go!


In this section, we run through everything you need before you begin your DIY job. Grab a cuppa!

Click on any topic below and we’ll take you directly to our tips. Come back to this index at any time if you need more information.

Tiling checklist Our handy start up guide
Check your tiles Don’t start laying your tiles before you’ve done this
Check your tools Do you have all the tools you will need to get that expert look?
Check your grouts & adhesives Do you have the right stuff for the job?
Check your safety gear Tiles are strong and heavy, let’s ensure you’re correctly protected before you start and that you know everything you need to about working safely with Silica.
Supporting tradies You’ve decided to tackle the tiling, what other tradies might you need?
Laying slabs Let the experts lay these beauties find out why
Coffee Have plenty on hand

Tiling Checklist

Before you get started on your DIY project, we recommend you use our handy Tiling Checklist to ensure you’ve thought about everything you will need and you're ready to go! 

Our Hot Tip:  We know you’re probably really keen to get started, but let’s check everything twice before you start to avoid headaches along the way.

Winners from The Block, Jimmy & Tam checking out tiles at our Warwick store in Queensland.

Before You Start, Have You Checked Your Tiles? Here’s What To Look For.

Check Your Tile Shade

Tiles are produced in batches and each batch may be slightly different in shade or size because tiles are made from natural clays and materials that react differently during the manufacture and kiln firing process.

The variation is generally slight from batch to batch, but being a natural product, even the tile that you saw in-store may be a little bit different to the one that you receive, so to ensure you love your tiles, always have a good look at them before you start laying. If you’re not happy with your tiles, we are here to help! Just buzz the store you purchased from to swap your tiles or for a refund under our Returns Policy. Naturally, once the tiles have been installed, we cannot be responsible for any variation in the shade to the original selection.

Detailed quality control measures are practised by all our suppliers and any differences are separated and graded by 'tonality' (shade or colour) and 'calibration' (size). All boxes of tiles should have a label showing the tonality/shade and calibre. It is important not to mix boxes from different batches on the same wall or floor.

Our Hot Tip:  When you receive your tiles, open a few different boxes and check the tiles are what you ordered and from the same batch.  Then before you start the job, lay them out in your room to ensure you’re happy with them.

Check Your Quantities

As mentioned above tiles are made in batches and these stunners can vary slightly between batches, that’s why you must buy enough for your whole job. It is highly likely that if you want to buy more of the same tile at a later date, we will not be able to supply the same batch. It is important NOT to mix batches.

The good news, however, because of our nation-wide computer system we will be able to search for any remaining boxes of your batch throughout our whole network of over 110 stores and distribution centres, so if you need a specific batch, please ensure you make a note of it from the boxes you bought previously and call us as soon as you know for the best chance of finding your perfect match.

Our Hot Tip:  Check all measurements and calculations before tiling to ensure you have enough tiles with the recommended 10% spare. See our guide to Calculating Tile Quantities here.

Ex-Blockheads Kyal & Kara choose Beaumonts!

Check Your Tools, Grouts & Adhesives

Our expert team of tilers have put together their list of tools and recommendations of the best glues & grouts, here’s what they said.

There’s an old saying; “a workman is only as good as his tools” that may or may not be right, but let’s not test the theory and ensure you have the right gear for the job you’re about to do.

This list might look daunting, but many of the tools will already be in your shed, or you can ask a friendly neighbour. If you do need to buy or hire any, pop into your local Beaumont store and they'll help you out.

We suggest you need:

Safety first: gloves, safety glasses, face mask, boots, appropriate clothing and hearing protection!

  • Bucket
  • Clean rags
  • Sponge
  • Spirit level
  • Paintbrush
  • Tape measure
  • Pencil
  • Tile levelling support (optional if tiling walls)
  • Tile cutter
  • Adhesive mixer (optional)
  • Tile nippers
  • Knee pads (optional but your knees will thank you)
  • Cross spacers
  • Notched Trowels (refer to table below)
  • A small trowel
  • A grout float (or a handyman grouter)
  • Angle grinder 
  • Angle grinder and diamond cutting blade (optional)
  • Battery or electric drill (optional)
  • Drill bit

Some other tools that you may find handy are:

  • A carborundum block is useful for smoothing down cut edges
  • A home-made plumb bob for tiling walls (a piece of string with a heavy washer on the bottom will do)
  • Some pieces of straight timber to provide a base for wall tiling, and to use as a measuring rod
  • Plenty of string

Trowel Size Guidance Depending on Nominal Tile Size

Nominal tile size (max. size of any side in mm) Trowel Size (mm) Back buttering
Mosaic (max 70 mm) 3-6 Unnecessary
100 8 Unnecessary
200 10 Unnecessary for flat-backed tiles
300 12 Optional
400 12 Necessary
600 12 - 15 Necessary

NOTE 1 -  The adhesive manufacturer's specifications may stipulate different trowel sizes and back buttering requirements.

NOTE 2 - Trowels wear over time and lose their notch depth. They should be maintained in good condition.


Grouts & Adhesives

Do you have the right product for the job and have you ordered enough? Different tiles and tiling jobs suit different types of grouts and adhesives so selecting the right product makes a huge difference! For more information, check out our dedicated Grouts & Adhesives information page. We also highly recommend you ask our team of experts for their advice, or you can review our full range of grouts and adhesives online here.

Our Hot Tip: The colour of your grout makes a huge difference to the look of your job. You can add drama with a dark grout against a white tile, or go for a more natural blended look with a grout colour similar shade to your tiles. Our in-store styling experts can help you with your decision if you’re stuck.

Tiling Safely

At Beaumonts, we care deeply about everyone's safety - including yours when you're at home DIY tiling! Tiles are strong, long-lasting, stunning but also HEAVY and can be dangerous when carrying in multiples.

Tiles are produced from all-natural materials and provided you follow sensible safety precautions when installing them, they will provide one of the healthiest environments possible.

Tiles and toes don’t mix! Be sure to always wear protective shoes and always wear gloves when handling tiles. 

Everything you need to know about Tile Safety is right here - please read it before you start, we cover off:

  • Silica - and why you must wear a mask when cutting tiles.
  • Cutting Tiles Safely - how to protect yourself against dust and sharp objects.
  • Hearing Protection - power tools are loud, always protect your ears.
  • Eye Protection - safety glasses protect you from dust and sharp shards of tile or stone.
  • Clothing - your clothing kit should include protective shoes and sensible clothing in addition to eye protection, gloves, and a mask. 

Our Hot Tip: When bending and lifting remember that tile boxes can be heavy. Bend your knees and lift carefully. Get help if you need it, especially with bigger tiles.

Other Tradies

When planning your project, consider any other tradies you’ll need. For example, carpenters, electricians, and plumbers. Of course, depending on your project, you will have more or fewer tradies but no matter how many people are involved, ensure you have them scheduled appropriately to ensure all work is compliant and your project can run smoothly and on time so you can be in your dream space sooner.

Our friends at hipages have a huge list of all the tradies you could need! Jump onto their website and get a super quick quote for all the trades you need.

Our Hot Tip: To keep your job moving quickly ensure you’ve lined up any supporting trades such as carpenters, plumbers or electricians.


If you want to lay Slabs the awesome news is that they will look incredible BUT these beauties aren’t for the DIYer, this is a job for the experts.

We’ve trained lots of tilers on the art of laying Slabs correctly and these tilers have the skills and equipment to get the job done right. We will help connect you to these specialist tilers with our Find a Tiler Database here.

Our Hot Tip: There are lots to know about our beautiful range of Slabs like that they can be used on floors, walls, kitchen splashbacks, even dining tables. Check out our range of slabs and some amazing inspiration right here.

Lucy Cornes from @sheshopped checking out our stunning slab display at our Norwood Studio.