An Image of a living room promoting Beaumont Tiles Tile of the year : Pompeii
Lifestyle Image of Beaumont Tiles' tile of the year Pompeii Grigio on the floor, beautiful livingroom, green single couch, a coffee table andsober decorationLifestyle Image of Beaumont Tiles' tile of the year Pompeii Grigio on the floor, beautiful livingroom, green single couch, a coffee table andsober decoration

Tile Of The Year 2024


Step into the enchanting world of Pompeii, where the elegance of travertine meets the innovation of porcelain. Our exclusive Pompeii Travertine range is born in the heart of the earth, where time and pressure intertwine. It's a celebration of classical grace, a testament to enduring style, and an epitome of luxurious comfort.

Featured: 1269672 Pompeii Travertine Avorio 298x298

Unveiling Pompeii: A Journey Through Time and Texture

At Beaumont Tiles, we're thrilled to introduce Pompeii, our Tile of the Year for 2024. This collection draws inspiration from the depths of the earth, capturing the essence of travertine - a stone that has graced ages and cultures with its unparalleled beauty.

Endless Possibilities: Seamless Transitions and Infinite Beauty

What sets Pompeii apart is its ability to create seamless transitions across multiple areas. Whether you're dreaming of a cohesive flow from the living room to the kitchen or a harmonious blend from indoors to outdoors, Pompeii makes your design dreams a reality. With a Microtec surface ensuring a flawless appearance, these tiles offer not just beauty but a comfortable and luxurious experience in every space.

Our Hot Tip: Download our Artwood brochure for more details.

Featured: 1266086 Pompeii Crema 20mm Paver


Paving the Way:
Pompeii Outdoors

Pompeii isn't confined to indoor spaces. With UV fade resistance, durability, resistance to thermal shock, and being frost and fireproof, Pompeii is perfect for outdoor use. The 20mm paver option and feature mosaics expand the possibilities, allowing you to bring the beauty of Pompeii to your outdoor havens.

Featured: 1277896 Pompeii Cenere French Pattern


Expanding Horizons with Pompeii:
Inside to Outside

Extend your horizons with our 600x600 20mm paver and pool coping. Take the inside outside, creating a seamless transition between spaces with the same timeless elegance.

Featured: 1259151 Pompeii Travertine Cenere


Discover Pompeii:
Where Elegance Meets Innovation

Designed to effortlessly blend with various styles and cultural aesthetics, our Pompeii travertine porcelain tiles redefine elegance for the modern age. Create a smooth indoor-to-outdoor transition with Pompeii Travertine.

Why Pompeii? Here's What We Love:

  • Seamless Transitions: Create a flow from indoor to outdoor effortlessly.
  • Microtec Advantage: Experience quality and safety with a smooth slip-resistant surface.
  • Versatility: Use on walls or floors, indoors or outdoors, with a 20mm paver option.
  • Exclusive to Beaumont Tiles: Pompeii is a signature collection you won't find anywhere else.

Explore the extensive range of Pompeii, featuring rectified edges, Microtec textured surfaces, and resistance to pool salts and chlorines.

Featured: 1257628 Pompeii Crema 298x298
Featured: 1276024 Pompeii Travertine Brick Avorio

Understanding Microtec: A Technological Marvel

Microtec, our advanced glazing technology, is the secret behind the smooth slip-resistant surface of Pompeii tiles. Unlike conventional tiles with randomly applied abrasives, Microtec ensures a fine, uniform coat of microscopic granules. It not only guarantees slip resistance but also a consistent finish across different areas, perfect for Australia's love of open-plan living.

Our Hot Tip: Pompeii for the Bathroom, as seen in Deb & Andy's master ensuite in House 2 of their DNA of Design web series. HERE


Distinctive Trending Tones: Mixing and Matching with Pompeii

Pompeii offers four gorgeous travertine colours - Avorio, Crema, Cenere, and Grigio. These colours provide endless opportunities for mixing and matching with other Beaumont tiles, allowing you to create a truly personalised space.

Featured: Pompeii Travertine Crema Mosaic

Get the look with our exclusive Complete Bathroom Package!

We've taken the guesswork out of designing a bathroom with our Complete Bathroom Packages!

Leah and Ash bring an elevated Vintage feel with their winning bathroom. Our Pompeii, Tile of the Year 2024 range wraps around the walls and floor. While, the stunning Brazilia Grey Herringbone mosaic takes this bathroom to the top, literally, wowing us with the scale of ceiling height natural stone. The Iris vanity is the finishing touch with gracefully rounded edge shapes that echo through the rest of the bathroomware.