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We can help you make the most of your space and your budget. Transform your bathroom ideas into reality with our free design service. Our professional designers have years of experience in project management to help you get the job done. Our free design service is available online or in-store to suit your needs.

Does your kitchen need a little love and attention? A new DIY project for a kitchen splashback will change the whole look of your kitchen. Investing in accessories can modernize even the most basic kitchens; add a showpiece to your sink with a new tap mixer hooked up with our healthy-minded water filtration system.

Make an impression right from your front door. Your entrance and hallway can show wear and tear as the high traffic areas of your home. Tiles reinvigorate life back into your key transient spaces, and the longevity to stand the test of time.

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Let us help you with our most frequently asked questions.

How do I know if it’s a wall tile?

The good news is pretty much any tile can go on a wall, unless you’re spiderman and need to climb walls.  However, it’s really important that you do not put a wall tile on a floor.  When looking at the Wear Ratings a Wall Tile is 0.  Tiles with a wear rating of 0 are not recommended for use on floors and are therefore rated W0.

How do I know if it’s a floor tile?

Floor tiles can be identified by Wear ratings 1 – 5.  When thinking about what tile to use on your floor, you also need to consider if it’s being used in a wet area or high pedestrian area, such as a hallway. For more detail head to our handy things to know about tiles page here.

Can I make changes to an existing order?

Depending on the status of your order we can make amendments where possible, please give one of our friendly team members a call to discuss on or email If your order has already been processed we will work together to find a solution.

I need more tiles from my original order, is this possible?

We will always try to match your tiles to the same batch as previously ordered, and that’s because batches do vary in colour. However, if we have run out of your batch, we will look at supplying an alternative batch.  Please have your order number ready and either call the store you placed the order at or give one of our friendly team members a call to discuss on 1800 4 TILES.

Can I pick up my tiles?

Tiles are heavy, so safety is our number one priority. We have weight limits of 200kg for a normal car.  If your order is heavier you’ll need to confirm you have the right vehicle for the job.  We can’t load goods into an unsafe vehicle, onto a seat or in a vehicle with the back seats folded down, if in doubt just buzz us and we’ll ensure we get your order to you safely. Read about our click and collect.

Can I return my order?

Everything you need to know is in our Returns Policy.

Can I cancel my order?

You can cancel an order that hasn’t been delivered, if it’s a regular stocked item, or something we haven’t made especially for you, within 7 days of purchase without any penalty, we understand things happen.  IF your order has been processed, there will likely be a cancellation fee of 25% to cover our costs in getting your order ready to deliver, things like order processing, moving it within the warehouse with a forklift, and then re-entering it in the system and re-stacking the order safely.  IF we haven’t started that process, there will be no charge. Please buzz or email us on: 18004TILES or

Your question not covered?

Take a look here at our frequently asked questions page covering everything from orders, delivery, click and collect, returns, terms of sale and tiles.