1. French Vanilla Pool

    French Vanilla Pool

    Make a luxurious splash by surrounding your pool with travertine french vanilla.

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  2. Microtec Pool

    Microtec Pool

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  3. Waters Edge Pool

    Waters Edge Pool

    Density is a concrete beauty that's made for the outdoors. Tile right up to the pool with a steel grate to finish the look...

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  4. Hidden Access Pool

    Hidden Access Pool

    Now you see it, and now you don't. These amazing skimmer lids make practical pals when getting to the nitty gritty of pool selections...

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  5. Tropical Pool

    Tropical Pool

    Don't forget the tile coping! Now you can landscape the backyard going down stairs and right to the pool edge with our Horizon pool...

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  6. Atlantic Pool

    Atlantic Pool

    A pool surrounded by timber, travertine and a deep blue that is found is the Atlantic ocean.

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  7. Honolulu Pool

    Honolulu Pool

    Capture a little bit of Hawaii in your own pool using our Australian Designer Honolulu mosaics.

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  8. Warm Ash Travertine Pool

    Warm Ash Travertine Pool

    With a warm balmy evening, this pool is ready to jump into. Warm ash tumbled travertine sits so comfortably next to the timber decking...

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  9. Tumbled Travertine Pool

    Tumbled Travertine Pool

    Weathered timber, tumbled travertine, this coastal home celebrates the natural elements around this stunning pool...

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  10. Travertine Pool

    Travertine Pool

    Lazy days are right here! Travertine Almond Milk in a tumbled finished is laid-back for our Aussie lifestyle...

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  11. The Block Pool

    The Block Pool

    Luke & Jasmin fully decked out their pool in The Block with our Maximo white in the pool, and Icon Era as the feature...

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  12. Riverstone Pool

    Riverstone Pool

    Our Riverstone White can go right to the edge of the pool with its 400x600mm coping!

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  13. Minimalist Pool

    Minimalist Pool

    What a stunning glass mosaic pool, it is difficult to see where the pool finishes and the sea starts!

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  14. Mosaic Pool

    Mosaic Pool

    So when are we coming over for a swim in your sparkly pool? Those Splash Glass mosaics are gorgeous!

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  15. Relaxing Pool

    Relaxing Pool

    Can you not see yourself reclining in this pool, catching the last rays of sun for the day?

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