1. Slip Resistance Explained

    Slip Resistance Explained

    Beauty, style and safety. Slip ratings make it easy when selecting what the most suitable tile is.

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  2. COVID-19 Updates

    COVID-19 Updates

    We are committed to the safety of our customers and team members and have enforced all necessary COVID-19 measures to ensure everyone's safety.

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  3. Full-Size Samples

    Full-Size Samples

    It's incredibly easy to order tile samples online - forget tiny sample chips, you'll receive FULL-SIZED samples!

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  4. About Us

    About Us

    With many years of experience behind us, we are here to help make your journey fun!

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  5. Measure


    Here are our handy tips to help you get the all-important measure up correct. Our first tip, measure twice, in fact, three times, and always remember to order around 10% more to accommodate for cuts and any breakages during installation!

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  6. Price Beat & Quality Guarantee

    Price Beat & Quality Guarantee

    We use our buying power & years of experience to source the best quality tiles from Australia and around the world, at a great value price!

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  7. What You'll Need

    What You'll Need

    Before you get started with your DIY job, we recommend you have a quick look at our handy tips below so you’re prepared for your DIY journey and ready to go!

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  8. Handy things to know about tiles

    Handy things to know about tiles

    From tile shapes to finishes to wear ratings, there's a lot to know about tiles! Everything you need to know is here on this super handy page so you can choose your tiles with confidence. 

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  9. Zip Pay

    Zip Pay

    Beaumont Tiles has teamed up with Zip to give you the opportunity to pay for your dream room with flexible installment payment plans. Why wait? Get started now!

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  10. Surface Preparation

    Surface Preparation

    The quality and type of the wall or floor surface you'll be tiling over is a key factor that will determine the success of your finished job. Here’s what you need to know and how to tackle every different type of surface for success! 

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  11. The benefits of tiles

    The benefits of tiles

    Ceramic tiles are one of the most practical materials ever made and have proven their durability and beauty over thousands of years. That’s just one of the many reasons to choose tiles, read below for even more reasons to love and choose tiles for every area in your home.

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  12. Home Delivery

    Home Delivery

    Getting your shiny new tiles and bathroomware home to you or direct to your worksite is super easy with our delivery service. 

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  13. Tile Laying Patterns

    Tile Laying Patterns

    Choosing a tile laying pattern is so much fun! There are a few things to consider when selecting your tile laying pattern which we run through here plus give you some funky ideas and inspiration along the way. 

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  14. Selecting the right tile for my space

    Selecting the right tile for my space

    Not just a pretty picture! There are a few technical considerations when choosing your tiles. In this section, our experts guide you through choosing winning tiles for your area so your space is a practical as it is pretty.

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  15. All Your Tile Questions Answered. Our Top Tips

    All Your Tile Questions Answered. Our Top Tips

    We've been at this for over 60 years and have seen it all, so we can help you with everything you need to know about tiles.

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