1. Dramatic Stone Laundry

    Dramatic Stone Laundry

    It's all straight and clean lines, until you meet the splashback. Alpine Grigio's dramatic directional stone is a success...

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  2. Black and White Laundry

    Black and White Laundry

    In this classic black and white laundry, Devonshire Super White conveys a hint of texture to break up the white...

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  3. Classic Laundry

    Classic Laundry

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  4. My Laundry

    My Laundry

    "It's my laundry, and I want it to be PINK!" ... let it make you smile everytime you walk in.

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  5. Indoor/Outdoor Laundry

    Indoor/Outdoor Laundry

    Our Rome Dark Grey tiles, transitions this clever laundry outdoors that makes it feels like it's part of the back yard...

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  6. Ultra Modern Laundry

    Ultra Modern Laundry

    Ultra modern laundry, with up-to-the-minute white finger mosaics and statement concrete design tiled floors...

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  7. Contemporary Laundry

    Contemporary Laundry

    What is more beautiful than white marble herringbone mosaics lit up by LED lighting? A seriously gorgeous laundry...

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  8. Traditional Laundry

    Traditional Laundry

    White, bright and elegant the perfect combination for a traditional laundry.

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  9. Geometric Laundry

    Geometric Laundry

    Not your classic black and white laundry, sleek and sexy showcasing our Rubix mosaic splashback.

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  10. Classic Coastal Laundry

    Classic Coastal Laundry

    Muted Blues create a relaxed coastal vibe ready for folding the laundry.

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  11. Monochromatic Laundry

    Monochromatic Laundry

    Smooth clean lines, with a minimalist mentality, this laundry is as beautiful as it is efficient.

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  12. Luxurious Laundry

    Luxurious Laundry

    You might be overdressed in your ugg boots in this laundry, the classic elegance is divine!

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  13. Vintage Laundry

    Vintage Laundry

    A feast for your eyes, doing the laundry will never be mundane.

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  14. Farmhouse Laundry

    Farmhouse Laundry

    Templar will keep you on your toes while kicking your laundry goals.

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  15. Australiana Laundry

    Australiana Laundry

    The perfect balance between warm and cool. Our Ales concrete tile contrasts beautifully next to the warm timber...

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