2021 Trend Forecasting
Featured tile: 1215841 Rock Salt Celtic Grey GL-Porc 6mm Struct Rect 1197x2397


2021 Style Forecast Trend

HOT, NEW & TRENDING! See our exclusive Tile of The Year Rock Salt!

Our design team travel the world many times over attending the world’s biggest tile fairs and working with global suppliers to find the best of the best for you. We buy with every budget in mind and because of our immense buying power, you’ll always get the best prices.


Our Strategic Design team uses international design and forecast tools to predict trends 12-24 months in advance. These trends are confirmed and explored at the world’s largest and most influential tile fair called Cersaie, which is held in Bologna, Italy every year.

Unfortunately, due to the 2020 global pandemic, it was one of many international events that had to be cancelled.

But, no once-in-a-generation pandemic will stop us from bringing the latest and greatest to you first!

So, this year we lean heavily into the predictions of global Trend Forecasting Agencies and compare our findings to virtual fairs from USA and Spain, as well as design input from our Italian suppliers and local industry affiliations. We then translate all this into a local context for the Australian market to bring you these stunning trends!

Featured tile: 1010040 Pietra Black GL-Porc Text Rect 750X750

Terrazzo Revival

The Block 2020 winners Jimmy and Tam were onto something! Decking out 3 showstopping bathrooms in our Aussie made Promenado Terrazzo look tile, and a WOWING entrance hallway featuring Pietra Black.

The cornerstone of Art Deco in the 1920s, Terrazzo, is back 100 years later and bigger than ever.

Available in a wide range of scattered aggregate look chips for subtle interest or bold impact. The Terrazzo revival has gained huge popularity throughout the design world recently and we’re all obsessed with the playful confetti pattern.

Australia's leading Rapid Renovation Expert Naomi Findlay says;
"Because Terrazzo tiles are easy to clean, non-allergenic and beautifully enduring, you can use this speckled hero throughout the entire home and do away with transitions between main floors, hallways and bathrooms. This adds to the effortless flow of a home".

But don’t stop there! Make Terrazzo look tiles the focal point of any bathroom by using it on the walls too. Try Napoli Pearl on both the floor as well as a feature wall, completing the remaining walls in white matt subways to the ceiling, then finish with matt black tapware.

Our Hot Tip: Read these tips for more ways to incorporate the Vintage Style style in your home.

Featured tile: 1011592 Napoli Pearl GL-Porc Rect 750x750
Featured tile: 1010040 Pietra Black GL-Porc Text Rect 750X750
Featured tile: 1204426 Marmette Mix GL-Porc Rect 595x595
Featured tile: 1011592 Napoli Pearl GL-Porc Rect 750x750
Featured tile: 1218258 Fiorana White GL-Porc Polished Rect 800x800
Featured tile: 1215847 Rock Salt Celtic Grey GL-Porc Struct Rect 597x597 & 1215840 Rock Salt White Gold GL-Porc 6mm Struct Rect 1197x2397

The New Stone Age

Increasingly high-tech lives are driving human desire to connect with nature-inspired designs. International trends show a primal instinct rising to the fore, bringing the cave aesthetic into our homes in search of balance. With their mesmerising patterns, it’s easy to see why Natural Stone looks are one of the strongest growing trends.

Beaumonts Exclusive Tile of the Year Rock Salt is the ultimate expression of this trend. Featuring defined sweeping veins, it appears to be extracted from the depths of the earth. Baz and The Living Room team even chose Rock Salt for a life-changing renovation makeover on the show.

In my opinion, Rock Salt is the most impressive range I’ve seen in 10 years, and that’s saying something; I’ve seen a lot of tiles in over 35 years. When they produced this tile, they used all the latest technological advancements and the result is unique and absolutely remarkable.
- Dean Booker, Beaumont Tiles National Buyer.

Our Hot Tip: Check out our Rock Salt - Tile of The Year booklet for more inspiration.

For a breathtaking bathroom, try Rock Salt Danish Smoke on the floors and Rock Salt White Gold on the walls, as seen in our Rock Salt Complete Bathroom Package. Choosing two different colours from the same range adds an extra layer of interest while keeping the look cohesive. The darker coloured floor tile anchors the room, while lighter walls give an illusion of a larger space.

What’s even better than stone looks? HUGE stone look slabs!

The height of luxury with incredible practicality. Fewer grout lines and diverse applications, slab sizes up to 3 metres such as Grand Atlantis Gold, Timeless Ceppo Di Gres and Grand Manhattan Grey Silk are just a few of our slabs that can be used as kitchen splashbacks, floor to ceiling bathrooms or as ceramic veneers to countertops and cabinetry. 

Our Hot Tip: See our Contemporary Style Booklet for more inspiration.

Featured tile: 1002229 Timeless Amani Grey GL-Porc Pol Rect 597x597
Featured tile: 1212958 Omni Stone Charcoal CB-Porc Soft Rect 600x1200
Featured tile: 1212957 Omni Stone Tan CB-Porc Soft Rect 600x1200
Featured tile: 1222733 Brazilian Slate Silk Grey CB-Porc Text Rect 597x1197
Featured tile: 1010045 Grand Atlantis Gold CB-Porc Silk 6mm Rect 1000x3000 & 1002230 Timeless Amani Grey GL-Porc Rect 297x597
Featured tile: 1218853 Artwood Black-Blue Parquetry CB-Porc Text Rect 598x598 & 1218853 Artwood Black-Blue Parquetry CB-Porc Text Rect 598x598

Timber Geometry

I’m sorry, but I can’t hear you over the sound of HOW COOL TIMBER LOOK TILES ARE!

The natural wood-look with all the practicality of tiles - timber look tiles are making a serious comeback in 2021 as long planks, chevrons, parquetry and inlays.

As we long to connect more with nature, interior materials echo the scenery outside and bring the outdoors in. Thanks to advancements in technology, these beauties can be mistaken for the real deal with their intricate grain and knot details.

Timber look tiles are perfect for main floors, and Beaumonts Artwood range of complementing Timber designs allows you to get even more creative. Use a combination of planks and parquetry to define spaces such as living or dining within a large open plan room.

Using planks around the perimeters, the parquetry works the same way as a rug to visually distinguish the different zones - try the amazing Artwood plank and Artwood parquetry range. Choose sofas and furniture with raised legs to showcase the beautiful floor underneath!

The hallway is often the first impression and sets the tone for the rest of the house. For a functional and welcoming entrance, the long lengths and colour warmth of Prestige Cedar conjure up the feeling of home. Kyal and Kara love the look of timber, suiting their relaxed Scandi style to a tee!

Our Hot Tip: See Kyal and Kara's Blue Lagoon Build for even more Scandi inspiration!

Featured tile: 1218847 Artwood Chocolate Brown Chevron LH CB-Porc Rect 198x1198 & 1218848 RH
Featured tile: 1218842 Artwood Beige CB-Porc Text Rect 198x1198
Featured tile: 1010856 Maison Cedar CB-Porc Rect 264x1798
Featured tile: 1010857 Maison Noce CB-Porc Rect 264x1798
Featured tiles: 1210260 Atmosphere Pink Gloss Struct 58x242 & 1210269 Atmosphere White Gloss Struct 58x242 & 1209146 Promenado White GL-Vit Text 300x600

Zellige Style

The Zellige style was one of the most significant trends of 2020 and it’s not going anywhere! The trend represents a yearning for timeworn handicrafts touched by the human hand in a fast-paced, over-stimulated society.

Zellige type wall tiles have tone on tone colour variation, structured surfaces and irregular edges, emulating centuries-old craftsmanship from Morocco. The entire world can’t seem to get enough of this handmade look.

The Zellige style is perfect for covering any wall of the home to add dimension and interest. A splashback is a practical element to any kitchen, but install Atmosphere squares or subways and it becomes a delightful feature.

Or why not create a striking focal point for a living room by covering a fireplace surround in the Atmosphere range. This trend is right at home in a range of different interiors to suit different tastes, but especially Traditional.

Our Hot Tip: See our Traditional Style Booklet for even more inspiration!

Featured tiles: 1204948 Majorca Antique GL-Svit 200x200 & 1006527 Belga Grey GL-Vit 300x600 & 1210273 Atmosphere Sky Blue Gloss Struct 120x120
Featured tile: 1210274 Atmosphere Navy Blue Gloss Struct 120x120
Featured tile: 1210262 Atmosphere Mint Gloss Struct 58x242
Featured tile: 1210260 Atmosphere Pink Gloss Struct 58x242
Featured tile: 1210261 Atmosphere Latte Gloss Struct 58x242
Featured tiles: 1210265 Atmosphere Sky Blue Gloss Struct 58x242 & 1210266 Atmosphere Ice Blue Gloss Struct 58x242

Oceanic Blues

Roses are red, tiles are blue… and we’re totally hooked on this trending hue!

Maybe we’re all dreaming of the oceans at faraway holiday destinations, or maybe it’s just the calming vibes of this refreshing colour we’re all drawn to. Either way, 2021 is all about blue, blue and, did we mention blue? From soft pastels and fresh minty blues to rich nautical navy, you’ll even notice blue undertones to duck egg, teal and peacock variations.

Ocean colours set the scene for a tranquil bathroom and Wanderlust styling. Pair white and soft blue for a bright and breezy palette where city stress fades away, or up the opulence with dark navy Atmosphere. Try this deep hue on a wall opposite the vanity, then use large mirrors to reflect this feature wall and create a sense of balance.

Don’t feel the need to only pair this colour with neutrals either. We’re seeing the hottest trends complement blues with coral and terracotta, amber and moss green. Complete the look with a wall hung vanity with his and her sinks and must-have gold fixtures.

Featured tile: 1000386 Arcade Retiro Blue White GL-Vit 316x316
Featured tile: 1215078 Atmosphere Ice Blue 198x198
Featured tile: 821013 Hexa Blue Mosaic 288x294
Featured tile: 1213393 Amazzonia Blue 200x1200
Wall tile: 1010130 Union Blue Gloss 75x300
Feature wall tile: 1010173 Majorca Floral 198x198

Motif Patterns

Patterned encaustic decors are HUGE right now and bring a ton of fun to the home! You’ll find this trend in a wide range of colours and designs, covering vintage florals, tessellated geometric shapes, Moroccan motifs, arabesque patterns and more. These tiles are the heart of the ultra-popular and super gorgeous Mediterranean interiors trend.

There’s something special about these patterned tiles that connect us to a different place and a different time. Check out our Majorca range for oodles of inspiration, and don’t forget to BOOK YOUR FREE ONLINE OR IN-STORE DESIGN CONSULTATION and get started, we’re here to help!

These gorgeous tiles will make a statement and can be used almost anywhere in the home on walls and floors. Just remember to create rhythm and repetition through colour or pattern.

In the kitchen, balance bold patterns with plain cabinetry in one or two colours. Try Majorca Classic Petal to the kitchen floor with a Majorca Floral splashback and emerald green cabinets.

Or in the bathroom, allow the Majorca floor tile to take centre stage. Pair with a matching or complementary plain coloured subway so it doesn’t vie for attention. One of the most popular places you’ll see motif patterned tiles are in the laundry!

Wall tile: 1221638 Sphere White 400x200, Floor tile: 1010173 Majorca Floral 198x198
Feature tile: 1204949 Majorca Chariot 200x200
Feature tile: 1009750 Seamless Petal Grey 197x197
Floor tile: 1009752 Seamless Petals Beige Text 197x197, Wall tile: 1008330 Devonshire Superwhite Structured Matt 150x150
Floor tile: 1009750 Seamless Petals Grey Textured 197x197
Feature tile: 1210757 District Iron Grey 597x1197

Neutral Foundations

Neutral floors are setting the scene for contrasting trending bright accessories in the design world right now. Creamy whites such as Brazillian Slate Oxford White are gaining momentum with the desire to calm, cleanse and purify our homes. Mid-tones of cool and warm grey provide the perfect foundation and decorative freedom to build upon, think grey concrete of District Iron Grey or taupe stone looks of Omni Stone Tan.

Neutral floors also move towards a deep charcoal palette with cocooning effect. Design brothers Shannon and Simon Vos know the power of colour and say;
"It’s not just what you see – it’s the mood you create. We find it so hard to pick a single favourite out of the awesome Beaumonts range but, Rome Shadow and Omni Stone Charcoal are definitely up there. Combine with matching walls and dark cabinetry for an ambience that wraps around you”.

This trend makes for the ultimate main floor, especially suited to the Industrial style. Choose the largest size tile available in the look you love, together with a matching grout to visually expand the space. Then go all out with your favourite colour furniture, accessories, artwork and plenty of greenery.

Our Hot Tip: See our Industrial Style Booklet for even more inspiration!

Feature tile: 1212957 Omni Stone Tan 600x1200
Floor tile: 1008952 Rome Cement Light Grey, Splashback tile: 188511 Icon Bone Row Mosaic
Floor tile: 1008955 Rome Cement Dark Grey
Floor tile: 1205544 Debris Grey
Floor tile: 1212958 Omni Stone Charcoal 600x1200
Feature tile: 1010655 Haifu White Mosaic

Elongated Subways & Fingers

The shape of 2021 is long and lean. Keep an eye out for sleek linear forms taking over interior design this year. Tiles mirror the aesthetic in the form of elongated subways and finger mosaics.

Simon Vos chose the clean lines of Haifu Mosaic White Speckled for his Coffs to Cali renovation for a kitchen that oozes style!

Our Hot Tip: Check out Simon's Coffs to Cali Build.

Kitchen and laundry splashbacks and bathroom walls are the most popular spots to use elongated subways and finger mosaics. Extend Logic or Addis tiles to the ceiling on all walls for a bathroom that’s both practical and sophisticated. Lay the tiles vertical stack bond to draw the eye up and make ceilings appear higher.

Beaumont Tiles Design Specialist Christie Wood says;
"Choose elongated subways with a contrasting grout to accentuate the tile shape, then pair with Motif patterned floors for Australia’s coolest bathroom combination. Or for a pop of colour to a Modern style bathroom, my go-to has to be Peacock Fire Fingers”.

Floor tile: 1000739 Nile Sand, Feature wall: 1226385 Haifu Green, 1226383 Haifu Grey
Splashback tiles: 1010655 Haifu White Gloss Mosaic 299x296
Floor tile: 1007747 Ales Nero Matt, Wall tile: 182136 Vast White Satin
Feature tile: 1010868 Mod Fingers White Mosaic, Wall tile: 1204374 Belga White Matt 600x600, Floor tile: 1009717 Elegance Timber White 200x1200
Wall tile: 1222053 Fire Fingers Night Shadow Gloss Mosaic, 1220956 Shape Carrara Hex Satin Mosaic
Feature tile: 1219993 Palm Beach Light Grey

Botanical Prints

With the environment and world around us at the front of mind, botanical prints on tiles burst onto the tile stage in 2020, and in 2021 they continue to gain momentum reflecting our broader social desire to connect with the environment.

Having achieved great popularity on homewares and soft furnishings, a variety of leaf designs are now being produced on tiles. The whimsical effect of this trending print on tiles is hard to resist.

Have you done Beaumont's What's My Style Quiz yet? Perhaps you discovered your unique style is Coastal? Then this look is totally you. Create your very own holiday paradise in your bathroom with our Aussie made Palm Beach range. Featuring a glistening sheen over the tropical leaf-inspired design, it’s a beautiful way to add subtle interest in place of colour. Like this tile? You’ll love Beaumonts Palm Beach Complete Bathroom Package.

Powder rooms are an often-neglected design opportunity, but they are the perfect place to experiment with bold colours and patterns. Surprise guests with all four walls in Atmosphere Jungle Mix décor.

Splashback tile: 1218809Palm Beach White 300x600
Feature tile: 32703 Folio Botanica Nutmeg 200x600
Splashback tile: 1221664 Nostalgia Ash Mix Decor Satin 75x300
Tile: 1227518 Atmosphere Jungle Mix Decor Satin Struct 120x120

Smart Tiles - Microtec

The future of flooring is here! Microtec is the latest and greatest technology making one tile suitable for BOTH indoors and outdoors. Applied during the manufacturing process, this innovative glaze is smooth to touch and safer when wet, so it’s simple to cater to the indoor-outdoor home designs and lifestyles we love so much.

Microtec ensures better consistency across finish appearance and a harmonious link, where the interior becomes a continuation of the garden and the patio and extension of the living room. It’s no wonder this trend is the next big thing.

Tiles with Microtec finish are the ultimate flooring choice to create flow through the entire house. Especially through to the back yard, erasing borders between the exterior and interior.

Shaniqua was on a winner when she chose Homestone for her bathroom makeover, and literally won the monthly #ichosebeaumonts competition for her transformation, and so can you!

Planning a new home or renovation with structural changes? The bathroom is no longer a secluded place closed off to its surroundings. Imagine a courtyard off the bathroom with French doors opening up to the outside rather than a window. Use Lagoon Almond to the bathroom floors as well as the courtyard for a fluid connection and bliss bathing experience. The Lagoon range comes in a range of colours to suit all styles, but Naomi Findlay’s favourite is the warm almond colour, perfect for a Farmhouse styled interior.

Floor tile: 1220301 Lagoon Almond Microtec 600x600
Floor tile: 1220307 Lagoon Grey Microtec 298x60
Floor tile: 1220303 Lagoon Dark Grey Microtec 600x600
Floor tile: 1207753 Homestone Grey 600x600, 1207756Homestone Grey 300x600
Floor tile: 1207754 Homestone Pearl Microtec 600x600