1. Slip Resistance Explained

    Slip Resistance Explained

    Beauty, style and safety. Slip ratings make it easy when selecting what the most suitable tile is.

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  2. Handy things to know about tiles

    Handy things to know about tiles

    From tile shapes to finishes to wear ratings, there's a lot to know about tiles! Everything you need to know is here on this super handy page so you can choose your tiles with confidence. 

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  3. The benefits of tiles

    The benefits of tiles

    Ceramic tiles are one of the most practical materials ever made and have proven their durability and beauty over thousands of years. That’s just one of the many reasons to choose tiles, read below for even more reasons to love and choose tiles for every area in your home.

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  4. Selecting the right tile for my space

    Selecting the right tile for my space

    Not just a pretty picture! There are a few technical considerations when choosing your tiles. In this section, our experts guide you through choosing winning tiles for your area so your space is a practical as it is pretty.

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  5. Tile Shapes Explained

    Tile Shapes Explained

    You can create incredible tile patterns just by being a little bolder with your choice of tile shape. The size of your tiles can also dramatically change the look of your room, we’ll explain all that here.

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  6. Tile Laying Patterns

    Tile Laying Patterns

    Choosing a tile laying pattern is so much fun! There are a few things to consider when selecting your tile laying pattern which we run through here plus give you some funky ideas and inspiration along the way. 

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  7. Tile Material And Finish Explained

    Tile Material And Finish Explained

    All of our stunning tiles and stone have different characteristics that can make them more or less suitable for use in different areas. To help select the right type of tile it’s good to have some general understanding of the differences and terminology.

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  8. How Tiles Are Made

    How Tiles Are Made

    Tiles are categorised technically by how they are made. The two main methods of making tiles are by pressing clay powder or extruding wet clay. To find out the nitty-gritty of how tiles are made, read on!

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  9. Working Safely With Tiles

    Working Safely With Tiles

    Your safety is our number one concern, so let's take 5 to run through how to work safely with tiles.

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  10. Tile Shades & Batches Explained

    Tile Shades & Batches Explained

    Just as with many materials such as fabrics, tiles are made in production batches and shade can vary in between those batches.

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  11. Tile Sizes & Thickness Explained

    Tile Sizes & Thickness Explained

    Like tile styles, sizes have also evolved over the years and there is now so much choice it can be overwhelming. Our experts will run through all your beautiful options.

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