Create a Dream Bathroom
1231664_Spacious Pietra Silver 1200x2700 & 1229303 Majorca Star White Matt1231664_Spacious Pietra Silver 1200x2700 & 1229303 Majorca Star White Matt

Saving Solutions

Create a Dream Bathroom

One of the biggest challenges when it comes to renovating is finding the right balance between achieving your dream home and getting the most out of your budget. This is especially the case in the ‘big ticket’ areas such as bathrooms. But, according to Rachel Gilding, design specialist for Beaumont Tiles, this doesn’t have to be the case.


The Beauty Of Faux

  • Finishes like timber and marble are elegant and timeless, but
    they can also swallow your entire budget in one hit.
  • Organic emulation ranges like marble, terrazzo and timber are easily the most groundbreaking and best option if you want the high-end look but don’t have the budget.
  • Not only will they look as good, but they will also come with minimal to no repeated faces, which means that no two installations will be the same and your luxe for less bathroom is a piece of home art. Emulation ranges are also easier to maintain.
1204428_1204429_marmette antracite and bianco 298x5951204428_1204429_marmette antracite and bianco 298x595
Featured Tile: 1204428_marmette antracite and 1204429_Marmette Bianco Matt 298x595

Get A Luxury Look
For Less

The key to making your dream a reality is knowing where to splash out for maximum impact. “It’s all about being strategic with your choices to create that ‘no expense spared’ feeling – minus the associated price tag,” says Rachel. The key is to pare back the styling by selecting one luxury feature instead of several. This will create a focal point and lift the feel of the room.

“A feature wall or vibrant vanity splashback that showcases your dream tile is a savvy way to add depth to the design without digging deep into your
pockets,” says Rachel.

For a classic traditional approach to a smaller bathroom, try a feature splashback as your hero. Then soften the space using gold tapware, a leafy plant like a small olive tree in a basket, fluffy peach towels, and natural timber stool. “Adding a coloured basin is another way to dial up the luxe economically,” says Rachel.

Coloured basins have been gaining momentum for the past two years. Now’s the time to get on board with the trend.

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