3 Steps To An Easy Bathroom Renovation

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3 Steps To An Easy Bathroom Renovation

It may come as a surprise, but dilapidated bathrooms can actually be a bonus as its essentially a blank canvas, which presents an opportunity to create something that really works for you.


From planning to plumbing to design. This step-by-step guide will get your renovation underway.

Step One: Measure and Plan

This is the fun part...

Map out the size and shape of your bathroom and draw it to scale on graph paper. Include the positions of any doors and windows as well as pre-existing plumbing.

You need to think about what you want in your bathroom.

Do you want a freestanding bath, island or flush to wall bath? Do you need a double basin? Shower recess?

This is the opportunity to think about who is going to use the bathroom and create a layout and experience that suits their needs.

This size guide will help you plan your bathroom layout:

  • Bath – typically 1700mm by 800mm
  • Shower – at least 800mm by 800mm
  • Vanity – variable sizes ranging from 600mm to 1800mm

Plus you should plan for the following spacing allowances:

  • Basin – allow 700mm between the front of the basin and nearest wall
  • Toilet – allow 600mm in front of toilet and 200mm on either side

Step Two: Plumbing

With the layout in place, you can start thinking about plumbing. This will include the waste outlet for your shower.

You will also need to include a fall in your shower base that runs towards the drain. Australian standards state that you have to have at least a 10mm fall every 600mm.

This may be a good opportunity to consult a plumber to ensure that the plans you’ve laid down are feasible.

Step Three: Interior Design

Now you’re into the styling and design stage. It's time to choose your tiles and bathroomware. Our What’s My Style quiz is a great place to start, especially if there are multiple decision makers with different ideas and preferences. Take the 3 min quiz to find your top three styles that fit you best, and you’ll get a great starting point to blend your styles together.

Our posts on Instagram, Pinterest and our Room Ideas gallery on our website are full of inspiration and our BeVisual tile visualiser lets you see any tile in our range in a real room. If you need a little help putting tiles and bathroomware together in your style our Complete Bathroom Packages will be your rescue.


The next step is to get yourself down to your local tile store. We have 100 outlets nationwide and Australia's biggest range of tiles, so naturally, we'd recommend you visit Beaumont Tiles.

If your budget extends to it then we'd recommend Hotwire Undertile Heating for nearly all new bathrooms.

This is a form of on-demand heating that sits under your tiles and waterproofing and makes a huge difference to a bathroom space. It's cost-effective to run and truly luxurious.

With your bathoom layout finalised, your plumbing configuration worked out and tiles and bathroom ware choices in place you're ready to get stuck into the waterproofing, tiling, installation and decorating.

Check out our How to Tile DIY Guide with Kyal and Kara from The Block for more information.