1. Cutting


    With access to good equipment and with a little practice, cutting tiles is not difficult.  What’s critical when cutting...

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  2. Bob Beaumont Talks Tiles

    Bob Beaumont Talks Tiles

    With over 60 years of experience Bob has come across every curve ball there is, here’s just a few things he's learnt along the...

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  3. Choosing The Ideal Bathroom Layout - A Guide

    Choosing The Ideal Bathroom Layout - A Guide

    Are you ready to start laying your tiles? Here’s everything you need to know about how to fix or lay your tiles once your surface...

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  4. Amani Bathroom

    Amani Bathroom

    Slabs are luxury personified. To see stone on mass on such a large scale is incredibly impressive.

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  5. Working Safely With Tiles

    Working Safely With Tiles

    Your safety is our number one concern, so let's take 5 to run through how to work safely with tiles.

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  6. Tile Material And Finish Explained

    Tile Material And Finish Explained

    All of our stunning tiles and stone have different characteristics that can make them more or less suitable for use in different areas...

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  7. How to Measure Your Wall for Tiling

    How to Measure Your Wall for Tiling

    Here are our handy tips to help you get the all-important measure up correct. Our first tip, measure twice!...

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  8. Slab Table

    Slab Table

    Yes, that is only one tile used on that table top! You can too with the Grand Atlantis Gold Slab.

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  9. Grout & Adhesive

    Grout & Adhesive

    At Beaumonts we’re here to help ensure your project not only looks amazing but is fit for purpose. With our range of quality...

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  10. How Tiles Are Made

    How Tiles Are Made

    Tiles are categorised technically by how they are made. The two main methods of making tiles are by pressing clay powder or extruding...

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  11. Measuring floor for tiling

    How to Measure Your Floor for Tiling

    Let our experts help you with an easy way to calculate floor tile quantities. To get started, you will need a measuring tape, a pencil...

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  12. Slab Kitchen Island

    Slab Kitchen Island

    Have you thought of using a porcelain veneer on your kitchen island? This one is super special as the stone is a bookend design...

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  13. Finish


    If you’re up to Finishes, you are almost there...well done! In this section, we’ll cover off everything you need to know...

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  14. Inspiration to create your dream pool

    Inspiration to create your dream pool

    Spring is close and it's getting hotter and hotter, so the desire for a good swim in the pool increases by the day. Not a bad time...

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  15. Slab Fireplace hearth and wall

    Slab Fireplace hearth and wall

    Darren Palmer specified our Grand Pier and Slabs in his Million Dollar Room on The Block.

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