Everything you need to know about choosing the right material for your pool
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Everything you need to know about choosing the right material for your pool

Getting your pool design right can make or break your backyard design. We give you some insider tips for getting your pool selection just right.

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What types of tiles can be used in a pool?

A pool tile doesn’t just have to be a glass pool mosaic especially for those on a budget!

Any tile with a water absorption lower than 0.5% and a Pool suitability in Chlorine or Salt water can be used giving ample design options!

From glass mosaics through to affordable porcelain tiles there is an option to suit all budgets and styles within our range.

Understanding your pool size and your budget are the two most important considerations before finding your perfect look. If you have fallen in love with a glass mosaic but it extends your budget a great compromise is using it in feature area of your pool and complimenting it with a pool safe porcelain tile.

Featured Tile: 1008606 Tropical Sun Mosaic
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Featured Tile: 150039 Niebla Black Mosaic

What areas of a pool can you tile?

Pool suitable tiles are a long lasting and easy to maintain option that can be used throughout each of the following areas.

Waterline: This is the section of tiling placed under the edge of a pool to mark the ideal water level. Here you can match the tile surrounding a pool or use a decorative tile to add an accent.

Coping: The edge or border of the whole pool, is often extended over or above the water line. When selecting tiles in this space, ensure that it is a P4 or above to ensure plenty of traction underfoot.

Steps: This is a beautiful space to add a feature tile that makes the overall project pop in a design-forward way. Think bright or patterned tiles or even glow-in-the-dark mosaics to help guide swimmers at night. Slip resistance is an important consideration for the pool often a pool safe range that is P4 or higher is used for this zone.

Pool Walls and Floors: Generally, the same tile is used both wall and floor but a creative pool safe decorative feature or intricate pool safe mosaic could be a great statement on a pool floor.

Design Tip: You can match the tile used on the waterline to the tile that surrounds the pool for a classic and seamless design or use the same tile throughout.

How to choose the right colour for your pool

Colour is an essential element of any design project; pools are no exception. An important fact to note is that mixing blue water with certain coloured tiles can change the colour tone of the tile and water, similar to mixing watercolour paints in an art class.

White or light-coloured tiles will reflect the sunlight and achieve a light blue water colour. Aqua and light grey will give a green tone to the water. At the same time, charcoal and other darker tones will create a moody mirrored look.

Keep this in mind when making your selections, and don’t be afraid to ask your trusted tile specialist for assistance; we’re always here to help!

Featured Tile: 1008595 Vitreo Azzuro Blue Mosaic
Featured Tile: 150081 Lisa White Mosaic
Featured Tile: 1008596 Vitreo Deep Blue Mosaic
Featured Tile: 1220950 Density Dark Grey Textured
Featured Tile: 1008612 Aqua Tropicale Mosaic
Featured Tile: 1008609 Snowflake Mosaic

What grout should be used in a pool?

Epoxy grout is best for a swimming pool thanks to its resistance to mould and stains meaning it will stay looking great with lower maintenance with an array of colour tones available. A cement-based grout can be used but because pool salts and chlorine will bleach coloured cement-based grout we only recommend using white.

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What tiles can be used around the pool?

As a general rule of thumb textured tiles with a wear rating between 4-5 and a wet pendulum between P4-P5 are suitable for use in residential applications outdoors and around a pool.

A lighter or neutral tile outdoors will be kinder to the feet in summer as they reflect more light and are 20-30% cooler than stones or concrete pavers.

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