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How to create the perfect outdoor oasis

Transform your outdoor space into an oasis. Somewhere not just to escape the daily grind, but also to fill your emotional tank by surrounding yourself with nature. Walk around your outdoor spaces with new eyes to see possibilities. There’s often, forgotten corners, or underutilised areas that can be transformed with a bit of planning and love. Then define zones for each, they could even be multipurpose; lounging and relaxing, cooking and eating, bathing or swimming, private retreats, and entertaining.

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Let’s take a closer look at a few of these outdoor zones:


Lounging and relaxing

The keyword here is unwind. Picture yourself surrounded by lush greenery, lots and lots of soft cushions on a sturdy outdoor lounge, and maybe a hammock strung between the trees. A drink in hand, and ready for a cosy rest away from all the bustle.

Our top tip here is that the best way of keeping this relax zone stress free is low upkeep. Design in a weatherproof storage area for the all-important cushions and throw blankets, clad this in a durable stone look porcelain that can double as extra seating or a day bed. Let’s have 20mm porcelain pavers underfoot rather than grass, cutting grass around chair legs sounds like a little too much work.

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Cooking and eating

I can just smell that amazing aroma of something delicious cooking on a BBQ. An outdoor kitchen or BBQ area is iconic in our Australian culture and our centrepiece for entertaining.

Add a bit of character or sophistication around a built in BBQ with some gorgeous mosaics or encaustic tiles as a splashback. Or visually define a BBQ area using walls cladded with porcelain stacked stone or brick look tiles. This has an added benefit of shielding the area from wind and weather.

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Shade is a priority with our hot Aussie sun or incidental rain, a pergola, umbrella, or even a shady tree’s canopy. How gorgeous is dining under a tree, all strung with lights covering a beautifully set dining table, ready for your friends to arrive.

With any space that includes a table and chairs, a level floor is a must-have. We’ve all had those annoying rocking table moments, it’s best to selected a hard material like porcelain pavers, or if it’s on a concrete slab, our microtec tile range to tile the dining area floor.

If you want to spend more weekends hosting BBQ’s rather than maintaining a wooden deck, porcelain pavers are the long-term choice. Any spills and drips are just as easy to clean up outside the house as they are inside with porcelain paver tiles, and they are stain resistant! Most of the time, you just need a good strong sweep and then a hose down to keep it clean.

Featured Tile: 1007744 Ales Light Grey Textured 20mm
Featured Tile: 1007744 Ales Light Grey Textured 20mm

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Featured Tile: 1008594 Vitreo Diamond Blue Mosaic
Featured Tile: 1008606 Tropical Sun Mosaic
Featured Tile: 1000522 Travertine Almond Milk Tumbled 30mm
Featured Tile: 1249761 Pompeii Travertine Grigio Structured Textured 20mm

Bathing or Swimming

Water and outdoor spaces go hand in hand, especially in escaping the heat in summer, or trying to warm up in winter.

Pool, and spa’s are a zone for play, relaxation and also exercise, a place where there’s anything from squeals of laughter, quiet contemplation, to determined focus. No one wants to spend their time being ultra-careful walking over wet flooring. We need to make sure we are sure footed in these areas, the last thing you want is anyone slipping over. The absolute win for porcelain paver tiles, or outdoor tiles is that they have a controlled slip resistance rating, this means if you choose a P4 or P5 rated tile around a swimming pool, you can be confident walking on them when they are wet. When the tiles are dry and absorbing the summer sun, our tip is to choose a porcelain paver or outdoor tile in a light colour, it is much less likely to burn bare feet in the scorching summer sun compared to a dark coloured paver.

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There isn’t anything more luxurious that having an outdoor bath or outdoor shower. Designed for privacy and tranquillity, this space is super special, and highly regarded as the ultimate ‘me-time’. Ideally located outside the ensuite or bathroom, for your own slice of heaven. Our ideal is to let your indoor flooring flow to outdoors with matching outdoor tiles or paver tiles, and let them drift up the wall behind the taps, spout, or shower, to create a seamless indoor to outdoor haven.

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