Inspiration to create your dream pool
Featured Tile: 1212954 Riverstone White Textured 20mm

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Inspiration to create your dream pool

Spring is close and it's getting hotter and hotter, so the desire for a good swim in the pool increases by the day. If your project for this year is to build a new pool or renovate your old one, and you need to find that idea, that dream that excites you, then you have to read on!


Renovating or Building a new pool is creating your own paradise

A swimming pool is an element that adds quality to our lives and improves our leisure time. It is a place to enjoy with family and friends, relax or exercise. Therefore, it is very important that the pool that we are going to create is the pool of our dreams. Wouldn't you take a dip right now in this fantastic paradise pool?

Featured Tile: 1210110 Australia Designer Emerald Mix Gloss 495x312
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Featured Tile: 150148 Iris Perla Lustre Mosaic
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Featured Tile: 1000522 Travertine Almond Milk Tumbled 30mm
Featured Tile: 1007060 Horizon Light Grey Textured 20mm

Less is more, if you are a Minimalist

A swimming pool design can be layered with many different elements, or designed with a minimalist mindset. From landscaping or special accessories, to a simple and ready approach. Put your dreams first when it comes to designing your pool and for this reason, it will be unique.

Playing with different materials and colours can be the special touch you were looking for: what would you think of a design like this?

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Don't think you can't have a dream pool, why not?

Maybe because you don't have a generous garden at home or a large block of land, you think you can't accommodate a pool. It is not like this! Expert builders would always try to find solutions to be able to install your pool wherever it is needed: terraces, patios, gardens, small blocks or backyards with complicated shapes... after this why not consult with the experts at Beaumonts? the finishes at your pool are the touch that will be de difference between an average outdoors and your dream paradise. We will do everything possible so that you can showcase your pool this summer.

Featured Tile: 1008603 Brilliante Sparkle Blue Mosaic
Featured Tile: 1008598 Vitreo Shiny Black Mosaic
Featured Tile: 1008594 Vitreo Diamond Blue Mosaic
Featured Tile: 1008606 Tropical Sun Mosaic
Featured Tile: 1000522 Travertine Almond Milk Tumbled 30mm
Featured Tile: 1008604 Brilliante Celstral Blue Mosaic

What is your style?

Like when dressing or eating, each person has tastes and that is why when it comes to creating your dream pool, no two are exactly alike. Different materials, free shapes, different accessories and lights, salt or chlorine pools and much more. When building a pool there are many things to choose from. We are at your side advising you so that you always choose the best option every step of the way. How would you describe his perfect pool?

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Details Matter

The details of a pool can make a difference. If what you are looking for is an impressive pool with a great design, probably the choice of some elements will be the ones that will give you what you are looking for. For example, a waterfall offers a fantastic aesthetic result. On the other hand, some stairs that are well adapted to your pool are perfect: Roman, wide, narrow, with shapes... Look how well they look!

Featured Tile: 1008606 Tropical Sun Mosaic

Featured Tile: 1210110 Aust Designer Emerald Mos Glass Gloss (25x25) 312x495

Don't be shy, it's your pool!

Do not think of anything but what you would like. At Beaumonts we carry out the design in such a way that it best suits what you are looking for within the construction possibilities, the land and the budget. Get inspired and find what you like about a pool. If you are building from zero, It doesn't have to be square or rectangular, a round or free-form pool can be really attractive and comfortable. When renovating, there's infinite possibilities, get your free consultation in-store or online at Beaumonts and we can help you choose not only the most beautiful but the safest tiles for your outdoor. Whether you're building or renovating the swimming pool for your home, you are securing fun for many years!

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Choose Beaumonts!

At Beaumonts we are specialists in Tiles including pool tiles of all kinds: large projects as well as private ones. Get in touch with us and tell us what the pool of your dreams is by clicking on the link. Our experts will be able to find the best solution. Dive in and enjoy to the fullest this summer!

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