Legend Sandstone
Featured tile: 1204951 Legend Sandstone Grey Textured 20mm 600x600

Product Highlights

Legend Sandstone

Organically beautiful, adaptable, and always inviting, Legend Sandstone is exclusive to Beaumont Tiles.


Mirroring naturally formed, and intricate sandstone detailing, the Legend Sandstone range is crafted from high-quality porcelain, and comes in two malleable shade variations: Natural and Grey. Making it an impeccable choice for spaces that invite organic charm yet demand the high durability and convenience that porcelain tiles have to offer.

The Legend Sandstone range allows homeowners to create a look that is entirely one of a kind, due to the range boasting 12 different faces – making each installation a one-of-a-kind work of art. This means every room can be completely unique while remaining cohesive, to create an atmosphere that overflows with character unique to its owner.

The movement detail each of the 12 faces draws from nature itself and pays homage to Coastal styling notes. The Natural shade specifically lends itself more naturally to warm colour schemes reminiscent of sandstone. Where in contrast, the Grey hue option blends seamlessly into more Contemporary or Industrial spaces, making it a truly versatile choice for main floors, patios, or poolside installations.

Featured tile: 1204950 Legend Sandstone Natural Textured 20mm 600x600
Featured tile: 1204950 Legend Sandstone Natural Textured 20mm 600x600

Specs & Features

Faces: 12

Body: Coloured Body Porcelain

Edge: Rectified

Sizes: 600x600, 300x600

Texture: P4 & P5

Finish: Textured Matt

Colours: Grey & Natural


“The highly textured Legend Sandstone range is my go-to choice for 2022 poolside installations as it ticks all the boxes for upcoming trend predictions.

For areas that invite full sunlight, I recommend Legend Sandstone in Natural; as a lighter shade retains less heat, making it kinder on exposed feet in the summer months.

For the ultimate outdoor living experience, extend the Natural Legend Sandstone from the pool into your outdoor patio area. Then, add some wooden furniture and pillows with playful prints in blues and greens to play on the neutral, earthy tones of the Natural shade.

Create a statement-making fireplace accented with our Grey Legend Sandstone paired with Promenado Charcoal on the floor. The combination of both ranges' organic look materials, paired with the flame's ambient lighting creates a visually striking, yet functional addition to entertaining spaces.

Featured tile: 1204950 Legend Sandstone Natural Textured 20mm 600x600