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Subway Tiles

Subway tiles are the ultimate vintage icon.

A subway tile is a classic choice

Subway tiles are the ultimate vintage icon. Their fame dates back to the original New York underground stations in 1900s. The subway tile is the quintessential link to the past to create this classic style that has not only survived but thrived throughout the twentieth century well into the new millennium.

The humble subway tile has undergone some enhancements over the years. In the early years it represented white, bright and clean looks. Traditional white subway tiles are still a classic, minimal look. But today these tiles can be found in every colour of the rainbow, in every texture, pattern and a huge range of styles.

Subway Tiles

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Subway tiles are not confined to styling a Victorian era home. Pairing the iconic subway tile with a more contemporary floor tile can create spaces that are designed to push boundaries into styles like Country Chic and Coastal.

Visiting a Beaumont Tiles shop to find subway tiles is like stepping into a candy store: you’ll be spoiled for choice! Handmade look tiles, structured, bevelled, brick look, patterned, stone and marble subway tiles - the list of options can keep on going.

It’s how you lay your tiles that makes the biggest impact. Herringbone, basket-weave, or brick bond layouts create patterns using the lines between the tiles. Applying a contrasting grout colour will bring out these patterns to make your walls sing better then you do!

Be inspired by more subway tile patterns.

The perfect pairing of subway tiles and floor tiles is a decision that many have excitedly deliberated over. Our What’s My Style quiz is your own personal stylist to refine your own style and help pair you with your perfect subway tile and floor tile.

Explore the full range of subway tiles online at Beaumont Tiles in our wall tile gallery.