wanderlust majorca palm springs mint bathroom

Bathroom Inspiration

Traditional and Vintage Majorca Palm Springs Bathroom

Creating a contrast and interest by styling unique pieces as well as vintage finds, with modern items, is what this travelling gypsy aesthetic is all about. This wise mismatch by Dylan & Jenny from The Block 2022 have achieved the cohesive and collected mash up style of TraditionalVintage, a 3/4 tiled wall with Omni White Stone and white great are matched with patterned mint green tiles.

The fresh and welcoming feeling, the giant archway at the entrance, gold fixtures, stone basins and light pink and blue styling working to complement the tiling, embraces the desire for comfort and coziness in a home.

Floor tile: 1229301 Majorca Palm Springs Green Matt 200x200

Wall tile: 1227989 Omni Stone White Silk 600x600

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