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How To Get a Great Vintage Look

Design experts Shannon & Simon give their hot tips and tricks for creating a stunning Vintage look.


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About The Stylists

As professional painters, plumbers and site foremen, the Vos brothers sure know what it takes to make a reno work and work well.

Shannon & Simon burst onto the national renovating scene when they won The Block Glasshouse in 2014, and oh what a ride it’s been since then.

Older brother Shannon successfully launched his creative interior design company, Vos Creative Designs and has gone on to write for Inside Out Magazine and create a renovation series with

Simon opened the doors of his construction and design consultancy, Vos Design Construct and went on to appear on The Home Team for Channel 10 and Simon has created an online series following his own renovation, Coffs To Cali.

Shannon & Simon love the freedom that comes with the Vintage style and how it allows furniture and decor items to have a second life. Shannon & Simon love Vintage designs featuring sturdy, well-built furniture and seeing how people interpret the Vintage style differently depending on their favourite era. 

Vintage Style Checklist

Everything that is old is made new again! Furniture becomes a prized piece, bringing all its personality and character with it. Carefully curated alongside new pieces using technologies to give the vintage look. Don't ever feel like everything has to match for that's the beauty of vintage style. 


  • Use colour to bring everything together - use trending colours from your favourite era to personalise your look. 
  • Classic vintage colours include deep reds and greens and lighter greens and greys.


  • Pick a feature tile with a funky pattern and pair it with a contrasting tile or stick with one bold tile choice.
  • Dark cabinetry sits beautifully on a white wall with feature handles – chrome looks best.
  • White tiles with a black grout give retro flair.
  • Use plenty of greenery (bonus points if the plants were popular in the era that your design is inspired by).
  • Team with brass or matt black fittings, old industrial light switches, lamps, and towel rails. 

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Main Floor Tile

  • Choose a classic stone, marble or terrazzo to suit your best vintage hues. 
  • Consider a timber-look tile in the larger plank size that features aged character and woodgrain detailing. 


  • Be bold with a colourful splashback or motif encaustic look tile or choose a mosaic to add character. 
  • Cabinetry with a profile or vintage-inspired handles adds character and will allow your design to perfectly sing to your favourite vintage era. 

Furniture & Finishing Touches

  • Use bright and classic prints and find some cushions or throws to colour match.
  • Use furniture to make a statement! Choose a couple of hero pieces such as a sideboard or occasional chairs.
  • Don't be afraid to choose a sofa in a colour to create a focal point in your living room. 
  • Find classic soft furniture in sexy tones, then contrast these deep tones with crisp white pieces.
  • Choose bold artwork, abstract art, pop art or photography from yesteryear. 
  • Get textural with your design accents, From shaggy rugs to smooth vinyl to velvet, they all great vintage textures to include in your interiors.