Featured tile: 1232251 Flourish Petal White 300x300

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Be transported to a Mediterranean paradise with our exclusive & Australian made decorative range, Flourish.


Be transported to a coastal holiday where you are surrounded by crystal-clear waters as far as the eye can see with the Flourish range, the latest exclusive addition to Beaumont Tiles’ already extensive range of decorative tiles.

These encaustic look tiles are made in Australia exclusively for Beaumonts and have been inspired by the aesthetics of the island paradises of Greece and Italy. Available in three unique designs and multiple colourways, this range is the perfect final embellishment to achieve a truly Mediterranean look.

As is characteristic of this style, various shades of blue can be found in the Flourish range, including pale blues, turquoise greens, and light greys, all reminiscent of the coast and the sparkling Aegean Sea that surrounds the region.

The tiles in the Flourish range are classified as a 'heavy-duty' wear rating of four, meaning that they can be used anywhere in your home and remain in excellent condition, even including entrances and kitchens. A key differentiating factor of this range is it has a slip resistance rating of P3, making it great for areas with higher levels of safety concerns like a covered patio, portico and even inside pools. 

The Flourish range boasts a Matt finish and comes in three different designs – Vintage, Motif and Petal. Available in a diverse range of colours - including Green, Navy Blue, Black, Blue, Grey, Charcoal, Coral and White - they are 300x300mm size – ideal for mixing and matching to create your own eye-catching tiled masterpiece. 

Featured tile: 1232254 Flourish Petal Charcoal 300x300
Featured tile: 1232255 Flourish Vintage Green GL-Vit Text 300x300

Specs & Features

Faces: 1

Body: Glazed vitrified, Pressed edge

Sizes: 300x300mm

Wear Rating: 4 (heavy-duty)

Pool/Shower: Yes

Finishes: Textured

Slip Risk: P3 - Moderate


Offset the rustic-chic vibes of the Flourish range by styling it with one of our high technology mirrors, such as our Pearl Shave Cabinet 900. This mirror has outstanding functionality with LED lighting, a built-in demister and soft close hinges.

It’s the ultimate bathroom companion for any of the tiles in the Flourish range, the concealed wire technology ensuring you can minimise clutter and achieve a sleek look. The built-in adjustable tempered glass shelves mean less furniture, so you can make the decorative tiles the main character of your bathroom.

To be completely transported to a Mediterranean holiday house, pair a white-washed, organic textured tile like our Craquel White Gloss with a blue-tinted tile like the Vintage Navy Blue or the Motif Blue to create an eye-catching feature wall.

This look is great for breaking up the uniformity of a white backdrop and can be installed not just in bathrooms but even in outdoor, alfresco areas. Style the outdoor area with some olive trees in terracotta pots and exposed wooden furnishings, and you’ll never need to catch a plane again.

Featured tiles: 1232256 Flourish Vintage Navy Blue 300x300