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This variation is an inherent characteristic of ceramic tiles because they are made from natural clays and silicas that react differently to the manufacture and firing process.

It is quite possible that the tile that was selected in the tile showroom will be a different shade to the tile supplied when ordered or delivered. This is more likely as the time between selection and delivery to site increases. We update our displays and show the current batch 'tonality' wherever possible, but we always stress that it is important to check the tiles on site before they are laid in case the shade is not acceptable. This is also the case with carpet, fabric and timber, and is something that we all need to be aware of in order to avoid any issues.

What can cause the problem?

As explained, shade variation is an inherent property of ceramic tiles. It is important to check the tiles that have been delivered to site to ensure that they are the colour that was selected.

Sometimes a tile that has been installed in a large area can look completely different to the selected tile. This is especially the case in a room that is incomplete and may be without much lighting. The room, and the tile appearance changes dramatically as a room is being completed. Taking the sample to the room usually demonstrates that there is no need for concern. And, once the room is completed, the ceilings painted and lights installed, the finished room is just what was planned.

So what can I do now?

If the shade that is delivered is different from the original selection, and you are not happy with the current batch, contact the Beaumont Tiles branch with which you have been dealing. The first thing we can do is try to find some stock of the original selected shade. We also may have another shade of the tile in question and can offer that as an option. If we can't find a suitable shade, the only option left is to select another tile.

Finally, if we have nothing suitable, we would need to arrange a credit for the tiles.

Naturally, once the tiles have been installed, we cannot be responsible for any variation in shade to the original selection.