1. Slab Fireplace hearth and wall

    Slab Fireplace hearth and wall

    Darren Palmer specified our Grand Pier and Slabs in his Million Dollar Room on The Block.

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  2. Slab Kitchen Island

    Slab Kitchen Island

    Have you thought of using a porcelain veneer on your kitchen island? This one is super special as the stone is a bookend design.

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  3. Farmhouse Fireplace

    Farmhouse Fireplace

    This Farmhouse style room has a fireplace that is deliciously decadent while staying comfortably cosy.

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  4. Brick wall

    Brick wall

    Is that not a real brick wall? Tribeca is your new best friend!

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  5. Tabletop Mosaic

    Tabletop Mosaic

    If a tile could dance on tabletops, it's got to be this one. Babylon Teal Crackle mix is super fun.

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  6. Brick lined Wine Cellar

    Brick lined Wine Cellar

    Alyssa and Lysandra add some drama of your wine tastings. Our Tribeca brick tiles give a extra layer of underground authenticity.

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  7. Rubix Bar

    Rubix Bar

    Fun times at the bar with Rubix White Mosaics.

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  8. Wanderlust Feature

    Wanderlust Feature

    Majora Vintage Multi is so playful and unique, and transforms this bathroom with Wanderlust style.

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  9. Maximo Fireplace

    Maximo Fireplace

    Maxmo Grey has stand out extrovert personality and deserves to be on show. Cladding this fireplace was genius.

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  10. Pizza Oven Mosaic

    Pizza Oven Mosaic

    How much do you love your wood oven pizza? Biarritz mosaics are taking it to the next level!

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  11. Mini Stack Desk

    Mini Stack Desk

    Beautifully placed finger mosaics to add inviting texture to welcome customers.

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  12. Slab Table

    Slab Table

    Yes, that is only one tile used on that table top! You can too with the Grand Atlantis Gold Slab.

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  13. Microtec Pool

    Microtec Pool

    Legend Sandstone has boundless character and texture, but feel the tile, it is smooth to touch because of our Microtec finish.

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  14. Waters Edge Pool

    Waters Edge Pool

    Density is a concrete beauty that's made for the outdoors. Tile right up to the pool with a steel grate to finish the look.

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  15. Hidden Access Pool

    Hidden Access Pool

    Now you see it, and now you don't. These amazing skimmer lids make practical pals when getting to the nitty gritty of pool selections.

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