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Why Do Tilers Choose Beaumonts?

Partly because we have 110 convenient locations, 60 years of experience, reliable stock on hand and the biggest range of tiles, adhesives & grouts, but we reckon it's also largely because of our service - we are here to support you and make your life easier.


Here’s What Some Very Busy Tilers Told Us:

Denton Basey From ZigZag Tiling, SA

Denton and Tom from Zig Zag Tilers have relied on Beaumont Tiles for years, with their preferred store being Edwardstown in SA. They choose us because...

“At Zig Zag Tilers, Beaumont Tiles is our exclusive source for adhesives and trade tiling materials. The Beaumonts Trade Club program has been invaluable to us, offering a host of benefits that enhance our business. From exclusive deals on essential supplies to personalized support, we've experienced the advantages firsthand.

I would highly recommend joining the Beaumonts Trade Club program for any tiler looking to streamline their operations and access premium resources."


ZigZag Tilers bathroom designZigZag Tilers bathroom design
Fun in Fullarton! ZigZag Tilers loved working in close consultation with their clients to produce a fabulous and functional new bathroom.

Welcome to our video featuring Denton Basey, the founder of Zig Zag Tilers, as he shares his insights and experiences with Beaumont Tiles. In this exclusive interview, Denton discusses why tilers like himself choose Beaumont Tiles for their projects.

As a seasoned professional in the tiling industry, Denton understands the importance of quality materials and reliable suppliers. Beaumont Tiles has been a trusted partner for Zig Zag Tilers, providing a wide range of premium tiles that meet their exacting standards.

In this video, Denton delves into the key reasons why Beaumont Tiles stands out among competitors. From their extensive selection of tiles in various styles, colours, and sizes to their exceptional customer service and support, Beaumont Tiles consistently exceeds expectations.

Join us as Denton shares his firsthand experiences working with Beaumont Tiles and explains why they are the preferred choice for tilers like himself. Whether you're a homeowner planning a renovation or a professional tiler looking for the best materials, Beaumont Tiles is the name you can trust.

Don't miss out on valuable insights from a leading expert in the field. Watch our video now and discover why tilers choose Beaumont Tiles for their projects.

Ben with Bob Beaumont in-store at the Malvern studio.

Ben From Pascale Services, VIC

Ben from Pascale Services has been working with Beaumont Tiles for around 4 years now.

"I work very closely with the rep (Mark Thomas) and team out at Malvern Studio to give advice and also receive even better service when it comes to clients choosing tiles. They have a fantastic selection and do their best to deliver. The best part of working with Beaumont Tiles is being able to reach out to the reps that supply Beaumont tiles materials and get the best advice and procedures in applications."

That's Why Ben Chose Beaumonts.

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Steve From Beckworth Tiling, QLD

Steve has been a loyal patron of Labrador since its inception, holding a membership for an impressive 13 years. His unwavering commitment speaks volumes about the quality of service and products provided by the establishment.

Steve values the convenience of Labrador as his one-stop destination for all his tiling needs, appreciating the comprehensive range of items available and the consistently competitive pricing offered.

Furthermore, he extols the virtues of Trade Club, highlighting its exceptional promotions and enticing prizes, which he finds unparalleled compared to other suppliers in the industry. Steve's endorsement serves as a testament to Labrador's dedication to customer satisfaction and its commitment to providing top-notch services to professionals like him.

Steve on the job!
Gavin & Kevin From G&L Lauder Tiling, SA.

Gavin & Kevin From G&L Lauder Tiling, SA

G & L Lauder Tiling, situated in SA, stands as a testament to the success of a small, family-owned enterprise with an impressive 30 years of industry experience under its belt.

Gavin and Kevin, the proprietors of this esteemed business, have fostered a strong relationship with their local Beaumont Tiles over the past six years. Their loyalty to Beaumonts is rooted in the exceptional quality of products and services they consistently receive.

Their steadfast loyalty to Beaumonts is not only a testament to the quality of products and services received but also underscores their appreciation for the rewards bestowed upon them through the Trade Club membership.  Gavin and Kevin's continued patronage speaks volumes about their satisfaction with Beaumont Tiles as their preferred supplier.

Tiler Benefits

Exclusive Rewards Await!

Jody, representing Tassone Tiling in SA, has been an esteemed member of the Beaumont Tiles Trade Club since 2018. Throughout his membership, Jody has reaped the benefits of being part of the Trade Club, enjoying a range of exclusive rewards that enhance his experience as a loyal customer.

Among these rewards are special discounts, personalised offers, and access to premium services tailored to his needs. Jody's satisfaction with the Trade Club underscores the value it brings to his business and solidifies his continued partnership with Beaumont Tiles.

Adam from Hotondo Homes, Rochedale

Tiler Benefits

Exclusive Rewards Await!

Adam, leading Hotondo Homes in Rochedale, is not only a seasoned professional with over 20 years of building experience but also a valued member of the Beaumont Tiles Trade Club. Through this affiliation, Adam and his team enjoy access to a plethora of exclusive benefits and rewards designed to enhance their building projects.

From special discounts on premium products to personalised offers tailored to their specific needs, the Trade Club ensures that Adam and his team have the tools and resources they need to deliver exceptional results to their clients. With their unparalleled expertise and commitment to customer satisfaction, Adam and his team continue to set the standard for excellence in home construction throughout Nowra, Vincentia, Shoalhaven Heads, Sussex Inlet, Jervis Bay, and Kiama.

Tiler Benefits

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Tony from Swan Hill attended Caulfield Cup and hung out with Craig Hutchinson from SEN radio.

Tony from Swan Hill.

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