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Slab tiles are huge!

Only tiles that are 800x1600mm or bigger are worthy of being called slab tiles. Anything below that size is large format or a standard size.

Talking Slab Tiles with Lucy Cornes

Large Size

For facades and external cladding our slab tiles provide any project with innovative construction solutions. With their large size, slab tiles can be installed as facades in fewer steps. We're hard pressed to find a better, quicker flooring option for living room renovations either.

Eco Friendly

They are also eco-friendly, consuming less raw quarry materials than other types of porcelain tiles and are fired in a hybrid kiln that requires less energy to produce. They can also be produced with recycled materials, using the precious resources we already have.

Precise Finish

The slim lines and mechanical strength of slab tiles make them perfect for decorative feature walls, a streamlined look for floors, and even a porcelain veneer for furniture. Slab tiles offer a seamless solution for cladding kitchen countertops, islands or bathrooms. They also save time in renovation projects with the ability to tile over existing floors.

See how BIG a Slab Tile really is!

Strong and Durable

Slab tiles inherit all the core qualities from their ceramic and porcelain cousins. Slab tiles have the high physical strength to stand up to scratching, wear and tear, and even rapid changes in temperature. UV light will not fade them, and chemicals won’t challenge their integrity!


With the same incredible beauty of natural slabs of stone, it’s difficult not to be wowed by their scale. The technological capabilities of the manufacturing process is beyond imagination, achieving intricate stone veining, exposed aggregate concrete or terrazzo, and dramatic book matched marble.


Tiles are made from natural raw materials, which make them completely safe with no toxic resins, chemical binders or VOC gases.

Low maintenance

The benefits of a slab tile start to become crystal clear when you measure up your bathroom and discover you will only need 2- 3 tiles across one wall. That’s only 2 grout joints! Cleaning suddenly becomes the easiest job of the week. Add this to the normal easy upkeep of a porcelain tiles, which are naturally mould and stain resistant. Then sit back and enjoy just how little care and cleaning tiles need.

What’s your style?

It’s exciting to select your slab tiles, but where do you start? What style should you choose? What products should you use? What’s My Style is like having your own personal stylist to get your project off the drawing board and into your home. Discover your perfect style preferences in less than 3 minutes with our online quiz. You’ll be able to select your slab tiles with confidence by taking inspiration from your mood board, checklist and room ideas.