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Small Baths

You don’t need a big bathroom to enjoy the luxury of a bath. Find the perfect small bath at Beaumont Tiles.

Bigger isn’t always better. A smaller bathtub often means more choice and more flexibility when it comes to your bathroom layout.

Small baths are generally 1400mm (1.4m) long or shorter – big enough for comfort but compact enough to fit in smaller bathrooms too.

A smaller size doesn’t mean compromising on style and design. Our range of small baths includes every type and style of bath you’d find in our full range from built-in baths to freestanding baths and traditional baths to cutting-edge contemporary designs.

Choosing a small bath is one great way to get more out of a small bathroom, but there are plenty of other ways you can maximise your space. Check out our tips for small bathrooms for more.

Small Baths

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