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Create a fresh look for your bathroom that suits your personal style – and routine – with the perfect basin.

Basins are one of the most stylish additions to any bathroom

You may not realise it, but your basin plays an outsized role in your daily routines for such a small addition to your bathroom. From washing your hands to brushing your teeth or fixing your hair and completing your look for the day, you’ll be right there at your bathroom basin.

Modern basins are more than practical, they’re fast becoming one of the most stylish additions to any bathroom and are perfect for a subtle centrepiece that will be the focal point of your morning or evening routines.

Today, Beaumont Tiles offers a wide range of basins in a number of different shapes from angular and contemporary to softly curved and organic, as well as different colours, materials, sizes, finishes and formats. Whether you plan to match your basin to a vanity, bench or have it stand on its own, you’ll find plenty to choose from at Beaumonts.

Bathroom Basins

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Above Counter Basins

Designed to sit on top of a vanity or benchtop, above counter basins have the strongest impact of any bathroom sink format, making them the perfect choice for any bathroom renovator who wants to create a statement with their basin.

Wall Mounted Basins

Wall hung basins can be an inspiring feature in their own right. Attached directly to the wall, these basins can do away with the need for a vanity altogether, great for small bathrooms or spaces with plenty of storage elsewhere.

Undermount Basins

Undermount, or under counter basins, sit in below the top of your vanity or bench. This creates a more streamlined look, but it can also free up some valuable counter-top space for your bathroom.

Pairing Tapware with Your Bathroom Sink

No basin is complete without the perfect basin mixer or tap to finish off the look. When thinking about the right tapware to pair with your basin, some helpful things to think about are:

  • What is the style of your basin? Beaumonts stocks a wide range of mixers and taps to suit any style.
  • Does your basin (or your countertop) include any tapholes? This may help you choose between standing and wall mounted tapware.
  • Do you prefer basin mixers or traditional taps?
  • Have you chosen tapware for your bath or shower yet? Matching tapware across the whole bathroom keeps your style focused and on-point.