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Learn how to grout tiles for the perfect finish to the perfect DIY tile project with this quick four step guide from Beaumont Tiles on How to Grout.

Grout – those thin lines you see between each tile on your walls or floor – is a vital part of any well-done tiling job.

While tiles themselves are impervious to water, moisture would still be able to make its way under or behind them unless the gaps between tiles are sealed with the right grout. Grouting your tiles also helps to strengthen the whole installation.

To learn more about why grout is important for your tiles, read our What is Grout guide.

Luckily, grouting is one of the simplest parts of DIY tiling. There’s no secret to learning how to grout: you just need to be prepared to work a little hard. Read on to learn how to grout tiles in four simple steps.

Step One: Mix the Grout

When mixing the grout, add the water first and then the powder to ensure a thorough mix with no lumps. Follow the instructions on your packet and mix to a thick paste-like consistency.

Step Two: Apply the Grout

Apply the grout to the tiles using a grouter.

Push the grout into the joints and compress by wiping over at an angle across the joints. Do not apply grout to the corners where walls meet floors and where two walls meet. You will need to apply silicone here.

Step Three: Clean the Tiles

First, allow the grout to dry and for a film to set on the face of the tiles. Dry times vary dependant on weather conditions.

Then remove the excess grout.

Clean up with a slightly damp sponge. Don’t wash the floor or get it overly wet. The trick here is to lift the film off the tiles without wetting the actual grouted joint.

Keep rinsing your sponge as you go and change your water regularly.

Step Four: Apply Elbow Grease

After most of the grout has been removed from the tiles, give them another once-over with the damp sponge. Only when the grout is completely dry buff over the tiles with clean, dry cloths.

Once the grout is completely dry after 48 hours, we recommend applying a grout sealer.

Learn how to clean tiles.