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My Favourites

Another reason to love your cozy bathroom is that it won’t necessarily break the bank. While a standard bathroom renovation can cost you upwards of $10,000 or more, a small bathroom redesign may only cost you around $5,000.

Keen for some small bathroom design ideas for your cosy space? Read on…

Choose a focal point

A small bathroom is a perfect opportunity to get creative with your design choices – provided this statement is limited to one focal point:

  • Tiles: Tiles are a great way of adding a dynamic focus to your bathroom. Make a statement of the shower wall with Beaumont’s Spacial Hex White Gloss or the Tribeca Old Red Brick for an Industrial look. If your style is more eclectic bohemian, a patterned tiled is a great option. Consider Beaumont’s Fusion Blend Grey or the dynamic Templar Rhomboid Grey Charcoal.

  • Bathroomware: Another great way to add a focal point to your bathroom is with your bathroom ware. A statement bath – like Beaumont’s Merrica 1700 Free Standing Bath or a more modern styled Cato FS Bath Matt Limestone are great options. A vibrant bathroom vanity can also go a long way in uplifting your small space.

  • Fittings: Tapware is another great option for making a statement in your bathroom. Instead of traditional chrome taps, consider gold or rose gold tapware like Beaumont’s Tolomea Basic Mixer Brushed Gold or matte black

  • Wall Art: Adding artwork to your bathroom will not only add a touch of style, it will also increase the sense of space. Consider placing your artwork opposite the bathroom mirror or in a spot where it can be seen from your shower or bathtub.

  • Lighting: Lighting is a great way to illuminate and bring to life those hard-to-style little nooks that are often prevalent in small bathroom layouts.

Less is more

The expression ‘less is more’ couldn’t be more fitting when talking about small bathroom ideas. When it comes to painting your walls, limit yourself to two paint colours. While one is usually plenty – white is a great timeless option – if you do want to experiment a little, two tones should be your absolute maximum. A ‘busy’ space can make your bathroom feel cluttered and small.

When it comes to redesigning your space, correctly scaling your bathroom elements is also really important. Depending on the size of your room, choosing tiles that are too small or too large for the entire space will put the room’s proportions out of sync – potentially drawing attention to its small size. Make a feature out of accent small tiles, and focus your bigger tiles on the floor and larger areas.

Try to avoid vanities that take up large parts of your floor – you need to maximise the amount of floor that can be seen.

Get creative with storage

Storage is so important in a bathroom, and this is especially the case when you’re dealing with a small space. Consider creating extra space by constructing storage niches in your walls. This will not only add some interesting style detail to your space, it will also make the space feel less clunky if you don’t have shelves and cabinets coming out of your walls.

Remember that mirror we spoke about earlier? It’s also another perfect place to hide storage. While it may look like a stylish and flat mirror feature of your bathroom, it has hidden storage, usually around 100 mm deep – perfect for hiding all your knick-knacks.

Finally, as we touched on before, small bathrooms are usually graced (unfortunately) with a lot of little nooks that often become ‘dead’ space. When re-designing your bathroom, consider using each one of these odd spaces for a creative storage option.

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