1. Renovation tips & tricks

    Renovation tips & tricks

    We’ve had over 60 years experience, and here we share our top tips and tricks to ensure you get it right, first time...

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  2. HIDE Skimmer lids

    HIDE Skimmer lids

    Hidden, seamless covers that blend into your landscape for a sophisticated finish.

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  3. WEDI Shower Systems

    WEDI Shower Systems

    WEDI saves time, reduces labour and stress. 100% waterproof guaranteed this system is ready in 3 hours -v- 3 days, check it out...

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  4. Handy Things To Know About Tiles

    Handy Things To Know About Tiles

    What does Porc mean, What’s a Wear Rating, and what the heck is a V Rating, we’ve got you covered in our handy guide...

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  5. Why are tiles the best choice for your home?

    Why are tiles the best choice for your home?

    Of course they look beautiful, but there’s more to them than just beauty, they are super hard wearing, won’t dent if you...

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