The Block 2021 - Mitch & Mark

The Block 2021

NSW Couple

Mitch & Mark

Australia first met Mitch and Mark on The Block in 2019 at The Oslo in St Kilda. They're back for another round as the second 'Fave' couple next to Ronnie & Georgia. This time, Mitch & Mark are back to show their talents and take out the win.

Mitch and Mark work incredibly well together and aren’t afraid to speak their mind. They are a force to be reckoned with, especially when it comes to the amount of work they can do in a short time thanks to their extensive renovation experience flipping over 20 houses.

This time, Mitch and Mark plan to use their renovation experience in time on The Block before to their advantage. “Last time we got so caught up with the build and doing well that we didn’t allow ourselves the time to have as much fun as we could have,” Mitch said.


Week 12: Backyard

Feature Wall Tile: Icon Era Bone Mix
Pool Tile: Maximo White Textured

A Mediterranean oasis was the couple's objective when designing their light bright and relaxing backyard. With limited space, clever design and layout were key to keep the space as functional as possible without compromising on design. Luke & Jasmin chose Beaumonts to bring a design element to their pool area with our Icon Era Bone Mix decorative tiles. 

Room Score: 29.5/30

Week 11: Studio Bathroom

Floor & Wall Tile: Belga White GL-Porc
Feature Wall Tile: Clay Tawny Structured

Upon entry into Luke & Jasmin's bathroom, the judges were blown away. Neale's first reaction was "Oh, this is pretty" and Shaynna said "Stunning! And so spacious". The couple were commended for their consistent styling and design throughout their house with Darren saying "I feel like Luke and Jasmin have the most consistent house from front to back across the board and that's something that's going to set it apart from the rest of the market."

Luke & Jasmin chose to lay their feature wall tiles in a herringbone pattern to complement the other design elements.
Luke & Jasmin reflected on the crazy week, sharing this beautiful photo of their three tile choices together in one shot. 

Week 10: Back Garden

Pool Coping: Blaze Smoke Textured Coping

The judges loved Mitch & Mark's back garden;

"The boys have given us their Palm Springs moment," Neale declared.

"This feels like a resort," Shaynna added.

Room Score: 28/30


Luke & Jasmin chose Beaumonts to create their dream laundry and couldn't help but share it!

Week 9: Laundry

Floor Tile: Rock Salt White Gold



Room Score: 26.5/30

Week 5: Master Ensuite

Room Score: 22/30

Floor & Wall Tile: Grand Atlantis Gold Silk Slab
Feature Wall Tile: Cascade Orient Green Mosaic Honed

Watch Mitch & Mark's Room Tour!

Week 4: Steam Room

Floor Tile: Rock Salt White Gold
Feature Wall Tile: Clay Aqua Structured Gloss
Wall Tile: Rock Salt White Gold

The judges loved Mitch & Mark's tile choice this week...

"I feel like I'm up in the clouds. It's a lovely combination with this pale, pale blue." - Neale Whitaker

"It's got a beautiful sandstone-y feel to it, which is quite gorgeous, so it feels very earthy, organic." - Shaynna Blaze

"I love that wall tile. That is so beautiful." - Darren Palmer

Room Score: 28.5/30

Watch Mitch & Mark's Room Tour!

Week 2: Bathroom

Mitch & Mark took out the win this week scoring a huge 28/30!

Floor & Wall Tile: Super Natural White Soft
Feature Wall Tile: Cascade Norwegian Rose Mosaic Honed

The judges loved Mitch & Mark's winning tile choice this week...

"Those tiles are absolutely superb. That colour is stunning. It has so much sophistication in it." - Shaynna Blaze

"It’s so dramatic. I love the pattern. I love the natural element that comes from using natural stone." - Darren Palmer

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