Hybrid Collection
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Hybrid Collection

Exclusive to Beaumonts.

A fusing of flooring technologies to create multi-layered rigid floating floors that are super-fast and easy to install.


What Is The Beaumonts Hybrid Collection?


Taking on the best features of most other flooring categories such as laminate floating floors and vinyl planks, the Hybrid Collection is an innovation in flooring technologies.

Offering authentic timber and stone designs with scratch resistance and waterproof properties these stable and hygienic floor coverings are suited to a variety of applications, perfect for open-plan living.

The Beaumont Hybrid Collection comprises of two different core technologies, SPcore and Isocore. Each provides a lightweight, easy to handle and install floor covering option making them perfect for fast-moving projects.

With the varied core technologies priced at different levels, the Hybrid Collection has an option to suit most budgets.


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Featured: 1235466 Lifestyle Oak Grey Isocore 220x1510x7.5

Good: SPcore

The future in waterproof hybrid flooring with a dense and durable stone-based polymer core.

  1. Multi-Layer Protective Coating
    An easy to clean and maintain surface with added durability and extra protection against heavy foot traffic, scuffs and stains featuring added SE+ antibacterial finish.
  2. Deep Structured Decorative Layer
    Giving Neptune the look and feel of hardwood.
  3. SPcore Technology
    Stone-based polymer core is 100% waterproof, stable, rigid, dent-resistant and ortho-phthalates free.
  4. Fast & Easy DIY Install
    A tight lock (angle-tap down) click system allows for fast, easy and clean installation. Minimum subfloor preparation required and seamless large area installation up to 400 m²
  5.  Pre-Attached Sound Absorbing Pad
    For extra protection, sound absorption and extra soft underfoot.

Better: Isocore

The Everyday Floor with a highly engineered structurally lightweight and durable closed-cell polymer core.

  1. Ceramic Bead Overlay
    A UV cured urethane coating for superior wear and stain resistance as well as easy care and maintenance. Integrated Ultra-Fresh treatment inhibits the growth of mould and mildew.
  2.  Clear Vinyl Wear Layer
    A transparent vinyl wear layer provides protection against scuffs and abrasions even in demanding commercial environments.
  3. High-Resolution Printed Decorative Film
    High-resolution printed film delivers the beauty and realism of natural wood, stone or abstracts with vivid clarity.
  4. Solid Vinyl Top Layer
    Multiple layers of solid virgin vinyl enhance durability and facilitate authentic embossing.
  5. Isocore Technology
    A highly engineered closed-cell extruded vinyl structural core which is 100% waterproof, rigid, light, strong and dimensionally stable.
  6. Click Locking Technology
    A patented interlocking system expedites installation speed and facilitates a strong mechanical connection of the boards.
  7. Integral Sound Mitigating Underlay
    A pre-attached underlay that minimizes both reflected and transmitted sound, is shock absorbing, provides warmth and comfort underfoot and helps further conceal sub-floor imperfections. An added Ultra-Fresh treatment inhibits the growth of mould and mildew.
1235502 Neptune High Gloss Iceberg SPCore 1620x146x5.5
1235469 Oak Newport Isocore 1510x220x7.5
1235458 lifestyle Pine Sierra Isocore 220x1510x7.5

How To Install Beaumonts Hybrid Collection

The Beaumonts Hybrid Collection is fast and easy to install, these products should not be installed without first reading the manufacturer's installation guides below.

SPcore Installation

When properly installed and cared for your new SPcore flooring will be easy to maintain keeping its great look for years.

For a detailed guide on installing and maintaining the SPcore Neptune range please refer to the manufacturer's guidelines here.

More information on the SPcore Neptune lifetime warranty for residential applications click here. For warranty information on light commercial applications click here.

Isocore Installation

When installing Isocore always use best practices and follow the applicable standards.

For a detailed guide on installing and maintaining the Isocore range please refer to the manufacturer's guidelines here.

More information on the Isocore lifetime warranty can also be found here.

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