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This week Brad and Dale revealed a room that left the judges speechless.

All they could say was ‘wow’.

One of the judges said he was blown away by the ‘sheer luxury of the space’.

Earlier in the season the boys were criticised for not having a bathtub in the main bedroom – this week they’ve turned things around, by not only having a bathtub – but putting it in the master bedroom.

The choice of our Digi Marble Pearl tile really adds to the sleekness of the room, and when wrapped round the floors and walls, provides the perfect foundation for creating a luxurious space.

One of our tips to create a luxury bathroom is to be single-minded about your theme and have an element like a key colour or texture that runs through all elements.

The boys certainly delivered that by using just the one tile for their floors and walls, and using timber as the common element throughout their bathroom.

They also chose to use glass throughout their bathroom, which allows you to section off parts, but creating the illusion space by keeping everything open.

The judges described the boy’s bathroom as a ‘sanctuary retreat’ – Do you agree? How would you describe their bathroom? Join the conversation on our Facebook Page or tweet us @BeaumontTiles.

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