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Subway tiles are giving Helvetica a run for its money as the design icon associated with the New York Subway System.

Since the Subway opened in 1904, its tiles - particularly the iconic small almost envelope-like tiles - have been a prominent and popular feature. The tiles have also served as an inspiration for many artists over the years, spawning a wide variety of tile art in the Subway stations.

Black Subway Tiles

Beaumont Tiles now has a brand new collection of historically authentic Subway and 'Manhattan' tiles, in a range of warm complementary colours as well as the traditional white gloss. The Manhattan range is available is in minimalist glossy black and white, buy comes with an option for a bevelled edge.

The colours (ranging from gloss white to eggshell, cocoa, and mink) are designed to be mixed and matched to create completely unique custom designs, or can be used on their own with a striking contrasting grout.

For those inspired by the New York Subway artists, the tiles can be paired with bold decorative or mosaic tiles for a more personal statement.

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