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The complication is that some glazes actually react and change colour slightly on the second or third pass through the kiln. This can occur if kiln temperatures vary from firing to firing.

If the plain and patterned tiles do vary, we will always highlight these variations to our clients during the selection process.

If the difference between the plain and decorator tiles is obvious, the installer should make the customer aware of this before continuing to install the tiles.

What can cause the problem?

Some patterns and frieze tiles require a second or third pass through the kiln. When this happens, the body tile glazes can react and change colour slightly with each refiring.

Each batch of tiles can be a different shade, or tonality, to the last production run. Because pattern tiles do not always sell in the same mix ratio to plain tiles, we may have supplies of frieze tiles that are correct in every way, but not the exact same tonality or background shade. Our staff will have graded them as acceptable to mix, but you may not be prepared to accept them so checking them before installation is important.

So what can I do now?

If you are not happy with the tiles, do not lay them. Call the Beaumont Tiles branch where you purchased them and they will arrange to exchange the tiles for a closer match if possible.

If you are not satisfied with any of the replacements available, we can issue a credit on the returned tiles.

If the patterned frieze is suitable, but the background tile that it is applied to is not, then your tiler can cut the frieze from the body tile and install it as though it were a purpose made listello or strip tile.