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Whether you’re looking to improve the value of your home, update a tired old bathroom, create a more enjoyable space, or you’re just doin’ it for the Gram, a bathroom renovation is the perfect way to up the wow factor of your home.

Congratulations on taking the plunge and choosing to renovate your bathroom! From small bathrooms to big, as you start planning out your reno there’ll be plenty more decisions to make. It might seem overwhelming, but it’s an exciting process and you’ll be surprised how easy it is when you get started.

At Beaumonts we’ve been helping homeowners bring their dreams to life and transform their homes with bathroom renovations for over 55 years. With Australia’s biggest range of tiles and bathroom accessories as well friendly, expert advice, we’ll see your bathroom reno through from start to finish.

Here’s what to think about when you’re planning out your bathroom renovation.

What is your bathroom layout going to be?

Is there anything you’d change about how your bathroom is organised?

You don’t have to be locked in to your existing bathroom layout! A bathroom renovation is the perfect opportunity to sketch out how you want your bathroom to be. Of course, you don’t have to reinvent the wheel either. If you’re happy with your bathroom layout, keeping it as-is can be a great way to save money and work as you don’t need to change any plumbing.

What’s your bathroom renovation budget?

Knowing how much you want to spend is probably one of the least exciting decisions when it comes to planning your bathroom renovation, but it’s one of the most important. When you know what your budget is, you can plan and choose your tiles and bathroom fittings with confidence – and work out where you can splurge on stand-out features.

At Beaumonts we also offer complete bathroom packages for bathrooms on a budget

What’s your style?

A budget is a good starting point, but your bathroom renovation will really start to come together when you start to figure out how it’s going to look!

Knowing where to start is always the hardest part. That’s why we’ve put together our What’s My Style quiz to help you discover your personal style and discover the inspiration to bring it to life. We’ve also assembled a star-studded line-up of Australia’s favourite stylists and renovators to help you get started.

What tiles will you choose?

The real fun begins when you start choosing the tiles for your bathroom renovation. Whatever your style, you can play around with floor, wall and feature tiles to bring it to life. Your floor tiles will help tie your new bathroom together and keep your style well-grounded – figuratively and literally.

Feature tiles bring the dazzle and the wow-factor to your bathroom renovation. From a subtle, textured feature strip behind your tapware to a full, eye-popping feature wall, these tiles give your bathroom the chance to shine. Your choice of wall tiles is a good opportunity to complement or contrast your other choices and help you control the mood of your bathroom. Looking for more tile inspiration? Be sure to check out our bathroom ideas gallery.

What tapware and bathroom accessories will you choose?

Like a lounge room needs a lounge, your bathroom needs a bath – or a shower. Deciding how to fit and furnish your bathroom is just as important as choosing the tiles. Style truly meets function when you decide what goes into your bathroom. The items you should think about include:

Last but not least: will you DIY your bathroom renovation?

D. I. Y. These are possibly the three scariest letters of the alphabet for many homeowners. But DIY doesn’t have to scary – and it definitely doesn’t need to be difficult!

With the right advice and a pinch of careful planning you can easily DIY your bathroom renovation and end up with a beautiful, professional result (without the professional price tag). Check out our DIY tiling guides, tips and videos to take the reins on your bathroom reno.