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Wall Tiles

Wall tiles are a glamorous and practical alternative to paint, wallpaper in any room and the best choice for wet areas.

There’s no denying that tiles are an amazing floor material, but tiles are the perfect choice for your walls as well! Whether you want a dazzling feature wall or a subtle, luxe wall covering or you just want an option that makes it really easy to keep your walls nice and clean, our wall tiles have you covered.

The benefits of wall tiles speak for themselves:

  • Wall tiles are waterproof – which makes them perfect for wet areas like bathrooms, kitchen splashbacks and outdoors.
  • Wall tiles are easy to keep clean.
  • Highly durable, they’ll stay looking good for many years to come.
  • They’re allergy-friendly, odour free and VOC free.
  • Wall tiles had an elegant touch of luxury to any space (without the price tag you’d expect).

Wall Tiles

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What’s more, wall tiles are one of the most versatile choices for your walls, inside or out. When it comes to choosing wall tiles, there are no limits. From small mosaics and penny round tiles to porcelain tiles that hyper-realistically mimic natural stones and timbers right through to ultra-large slab tiles, there’s a wall tile to suit any style, budget and space.

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Our Strategic Designer On - Choosing Wall Tiles

"For spaces which are in full sunlight, opt for a tile that is either satin, or matte, this will help mute any unnecessary glare.

If you’re unsure of what tile would work best in the space, I recommend embracing the latest technology and opting for a slab tile. These huge tiles can be as big as 3m by 1m! This creates a seamless look that works perfectly for both small and grand design spaces. Colour tones to consider this year are blush pinks, and organic hues of blue or green; they are all timeless and work well in both bathrooms and living areas."