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Travertine is a beautiful and extremely versatile natural stone.

Particularly well-loved by Australian homeowners, travertine can be run throughout the entire home and into the backyard for a seamless living space.

The range of travertine tiles and pavers available at Beaumont Tiles is available in a number of colours and finishes such as honed and filled or tumbled and unfilled.

With its subtle natural variation, travertine lends itself well to a wide variety of laying patterns. Especially in outdoor entertaining areas and for pool tiles, travertine tiles are often seen in patterns like offset, diamond, herringbone and French Pattern.

Travertine Tile Range

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French Vanilla Travertine

French Vanilla represents our highest grade of Ivory Travertine. This kind of travertine earns its lofty status thanks to strict guidelines for colour, shape, consistency and minimal holes.

Almond Milk Travertine

This premium selection of classic travertine features minimal holes and a consistent neutral tone. At Beaumonts, we stock the full range of Almond Milk Travertine from honed and filled tiles through to tumbled pavers in a variety of sizes and a French Pattern mix.

For extra warmth, opt for the Almond Blend Travertine with warmer tones mixed in.

Warm Ash Travertine

A wonderful cool blend of greys, reams and beiges with elegant swirls and the occasional accent of onyx. Warm Ash Travertine tiles contrast beautifully with timber, metallic and a wealth of decorator colours.

Or opt for Warm Ash Blend, a feature selection of silver travertine.

Silver Travertine

Silver Travertine is a beautifully cool, soft-looking stone that is perfect for interiors ranging from classic old-world luxurious styles to modern and contemporary living. At Beaumont Tiles, we stock a wide range of silver travertine tiles including decorative mosaics and feature tiles to high-resolution digitally printed silver travertine look wall and floor tiles.