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Timber Look Tiles

No matter the size or style of your home, Beaumont Tiles has a wood look tile to suit with superb design and durability to match.

Timber Look Tiles

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Get the timber look with all the practicality of tiles.

If your home is Contemporary, Traditional, Retro Vintage or Global Fusion, our wide selection of timber look tiles of all designs and finishes will offer you the perfect solution.

But why not just choose timber floors? Our range of porcelain and ceramic tiles look and feel just like real wood, but without all the hassle and expense that comes with timber. Unlike timber flooring, wood-look tiles won’t warp or shrink with temperature changes and are resistant to spills and dents.

Plus, our timber look tiles come in a number of shapes, perfect for taking your tile layout to the next level. Go bold with herringbone, double herringbone tiles or create a striking feature floor – spot on for Coastal Chic and Classic Traditional styled projects. Or try the brick-bond configuration to make a confident statement in Scandinavian bathrooms, Eclectic Bohemian and Urban Industrial styled spaces.

Our timber look tiles take this huge global trend to the next level.

Every timber look tile we stock has a stunningly intricate finish, being almost identical to the natural product but with all of the practicality of a tile. Because these tiles do not require special laying or maintenance, they are better than timber!

Why Timber Look Tiles?

Explore the benefits of timber look tiles with Naomi Findlay

Get the timber look with all the practicality of tiles

Our tiles are an emulation of timber, digitally printed on a glazed porcelain tile, which means they are very strong and durable.

Timber look tiles are more affordable than natural timber. Rare and expensive wood looks are now attainable, but because tiles are so low-maintenance, they are easier (and a lot cheaper) to keep looking good than natural wood which needs restaining and, all too often, repairing.

Knotted, aged and rustic characters of the wood are designed rather than worn in over time. Plus, another benefit of timber look tiles is that the variation showcases the individuality of each tile even to a discerning eye.

Hard wearing, and high heel friendly High heels are popular, pit marks and dents throughout living room, hallway other common area floors are not!

Pet friendly, and low maintenance Timber look tiles can be simply mopped off, unlike timber floor boards that can retain a dark spot and a terrible smell. They are also scratch resistant.

Termite and Woodworm proof Ceramic and porcelain tiles are immune to these highly destructive pests, where wood is an attractive food source.

Waterproof While timber flooring may absorb moisture, tiles are the ideal waterproof flooring, allowing for easy maintenance and worry-free cleaning.

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