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Tile Cleaners

Keep your porcelain tiles clean and looking like new for many years to come with the right porcelain tile cleaners.

One of the reasons we love tiles so much is how easy they are to keep clean! With a little know-how, the tiniest bit of elbow grease and a porcelain tile cleaner, your tiles will continue to dazzle for years and years.

Because everyone uses their spaces differently – and approaches cleaning in their own ways – we offer two main types of porcelain tile cleaners at Beaumont Tiles

Everyday Tile Cleaners

Don’t let the name fool you – our everyday cleaners are suitable for regular use, but once every week or two is usually spot-on for keeping tile floors sparkling clean.

When it comes to regular cleaning, look for an acid-free tile cleaner like the Miracle Tile & Stone Cleaner.

For more information on regular cleaning, see our How to Clean Tiles guide.

Heavy Duty Tile Cleaners

Sometimes you just need a deeper clean, whether it’s for an all-out once a year spring clean, to tackle a particularly nasty or stubborn mess or even to clean brand new tiles you’ve just laid.

In cases like this you need to bring out the big guns with a heavy duty tile cleaner, like the Miracle Phosphoric Acid Cleaner from Beaumonts.

These cleaners do tend to be more intense, so it’s important to read all the labels and product information carefully before use.