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Textured Tiles

Choose textured tiles from Beaumonts for a non-slip floor that looks great anywhere in your home whether it’s in your bathroom, kitchen or outdoors.

Tiles are known for their durability, hard-wearing nature and incredible water resistance – all of which makes them a great choice for flooring in wet areas like bathrooms, ensuites, kitchens, outdoors and even around pools.

But when there’s water around there’s another important consideration that comes into play: slip resistance. When you have a wet area like a family bathroom, the last thing you want is the floor turning into one big, hazardous slip and slide every time someone forgets to put the bathroom mat down.

So for non-slip floors, textured tiles are the best way to go. These are ceramic and porcelain tiles that have specially been made with a gripper, textured surface that increases their slip-resistance.

When it comes to your safety and the safety of your family, choosing a textured tile with the right amount of slip resistance is important. At Beaumont Tiles, we understand how important that is and we make it easy to understand the level of slip resistance of our tiles by clearly showing a number of Slip Ratings for each product.

Slip Rating are a useful tool to help you select the perfect tiles for your renovation. Learn more about using tile ratings our browse our range of textured tiles online.

Textured Tiles

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