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Porcelain Tiles

Porcelain tiles are a stylish and incredibly practical flooring choice for almost any room, and even outside.

One of the most versatile flooring options around, the durability, toughness, ease of cleaning and (of course) great looks makes porcelain tiles not just a popular choice for floors, but for walls as well.

Beaumonts’ buyers travel the globe to bring the latest styles and the best quality porcelain tiles made by the best manufacturers from around the world. At Beaumonts you’ll find Australia’s best range of porcelain tile in all colours, finishes – including polished porcelain – plus sizes and styles.

You can be confident that you’ll find the perfect porcelain tiles at Beaumont Tiles to help you make your dream home transformation a reality. From bathrooms to main floors to kitchens and even outdoors, the right porcelain tile is waiting for you at Beaumonts.

Thanks to cutting-edge high-resolution printing technology, we even stock a huge range of porcelain tiles that emulate natural materials like stone, marble and timber with jaw-dropping, you-won’t-believe-your-eyes realism.

Porcelain Tile Range

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Porcelain Tile Benefits

There are many benefits to choosing porcelain tiles for your floor or walls. To name just a small number:

  • They’re extremely hard-wearing and last a long, long time
  • They’re incredibly low-maintenance
  • They’re allergy friendly – so they’re great for kids
  • They’re waterproof

For more benefits of tiles, read our article on why choose tiles.

Types of Porcelain Tiles

There are different kinds of porcelain tiles to choose from – each with their own benefits and uses. The most common types are:

Polished Porcelain Tiles

When unglazed, porcelain tiles can be polished and honed. While it is popular to polish tiles to a high shine (this is what we mean when we talk about 'polished porcelain'), tiles can also have a range of semi-polished finishes.

Honed tiles are semi-polished. While they are less shiny than fully polished tiles, they are also less slippery and less likely to show dirt. Honed tiles are popular in commercial and high traffic areas. A light polished finish called Lappato is also available.

Polished Porcelain Tiles

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Glazed Porcelain

Although porcelain doesn't need glaze, glazing is still a very popular choice. Often the glaze used will be either coloured or decorative. On some tiles, such as our Better Than range, the glaze is essential for the InkJet printing on the surface of the tiles. Glaze can come in gloss, matt, or textured finishes.

Learn more about glazed tiles.


What you see on the surface of a full-bodied tile is what you’ll see all the way through. These tiles get their name because the full body, right to the surface, is the same.


Colour bodied porcelain tiles are glazed when fired. The glaze is very close in colour to the body (or biscuit) of the tile.


A ‘Double Charged’ porcelain tile is made by fusing two layers of different clays together during firing. The top layer, around a quarter of the total tile thickness, is specially selected to create the decorative finish.