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Pool Tiles

Transform any swimming pool into an inviting, attractive feature with the right tiles.

Australians have more swimming pools per capita than any other nation on Earth. We love our swimming pools.

On those searing hot days, there’s no better place than the swimming pool. No long journey to the beach, trying find a place to park. No longer drive home with crotchety kids. With your own pool, it’s out the door, through the security gate, into the water.

Why wouldn’t we love them? Neighbourhood kids head round the back, bathers on, towel round the neck. Family come for Sunday lunch … bathers and towels discreetly packed (an inflatable or two …might give the game away). Friends like coming by to catch up … happy to use your towels!

As a proud Australian pool owner, making your pool look the part and be the part is your Number 1 responsibility. Safety is paramount when it comes to pools, and you want the area around yours to be as safe as possible – without compromising on looks.

The tiles surrounding your pool are as important as the ones you put in it. Choose tiles with a high slip resistance that give you the best of both worlds. Safer for kids running and jumping into the water. Safer for older folk, increased protection for slips and falls.

Whether you choose textured porcelain tiles for total flexibility of your style, or opt for a natural stone such as travertine, we have a great range of great swimming pool tiles to suit you at Beaumonts.

And what do you choose to put in the pool? Everyone loves the shimmer of light dancing on water, best reflected in the water by translucent glass mosaics. Creating that enticing promise of buoyant coolness.

Classic stone or textured porcelain: whatever choice you make, your family will love them because they know that’s where some of the best family gatherings take place. Choose something that you love and let them feel really special.

Your true-blue friends want you to have whatever makes you happy, but what do the neighbourhood kids think? Turns out they’re more interested in how generous you are about sharing all that cool, buoyant beauty.

So come on Australia: look after that icon in your own backyard, and remember: safety is paramount when it comes to kids and water. Become a lifeguard!

Explore our outdoor tile ideas gallery for more swimming pool inspiration.

Pool Tiles

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Glass mosaic tiles are the ideal choice for lining your pool. Properly grouted and installed, they are completely waterproof, won’t wear out, fade or discolour and they look amazing!

Lining a swimming pool with glass mosaic tiles adds a touch of luxury and is sure to impress any guests who won’t be able to resist a dip in your pool.

Travertine Pool Tiles

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For a classic and stylish high-end look, you can’t beat travertine pool tiles. At Beaumont Tiles we stock a wide range of natural travertine tiles and 30mm pavers in a variety of colours like French Vanilla, Almond Milk, Almond Blend and Warm Ash.

Our travertine pool tile range is available in honed, filled, unfilled and tumbled finishes and includes bullnoses suitable for pool coping.