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Patterned Tiles

Transform any wall or floor into a captivating feature sure to draw attention with patterned tiles.

From Retro Vintage style to Moroccan-infused Eclectic Boho through to leading-edge contemporary design, there’s no easier way to bring out your personal style than with patterned tiles.

Patterned tiles have always been a popular option for kitchen splashbacks, laundries and bathrooms. Today, homeowners can express their style through pattern on fireplaces, feature walls in living rooms and even bedrooms and on the floor in any room of the house.

When you decorate with patterned tiles, your options to create incredible designs are endless. At Beaumont Tiles, you can find many different ways to mix and match colours, neutrals, black and white tiles and experiment with contrast. You’ll find floral, geometric, baroque, encaustic-inspired patterns and more.

Patterned Floor Tiles

It’s not just walls that can boast an impressive feature. Patterned floor tiles continue to grow in popularity thanks in part to advances in technology that make printed tiles more suitable, more slip resistant and more long-lasting for floors. Teams on The Block and House Rules have wowed with their creation of patterned floor tiles on many occasions.

Find the perfect patterned tiles for your style online or in store at Beaumont Tiles.

Patterned Tiles

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