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Mosaic Tiles

Unleash an amazing array of colour and variety in your next project with a selection of mosaic tiles from Beaumont Tiles.

High quality mosaic tiles for your next project

Come and choose from our incredible range of high quality mosaic tiles for your next dream project and make the right choice to make your dream come true. We have a huge range of glass, ceramic, porcelain, wood look, and so much more.

Mosaics have fascinated people for thousands of years. The incredible range of colour, size, shape—can feel overwhelming. The interplay of light and visual depth draws us in. From hexagon, diamond, arabesque, and fan-shaped. To precision penny round tiles and traditional squares—glass mosaic tiles still fascinates us.

So many choices can make things a little overwhelming, we know that. That’s why we built our What’s My Style quiz, to help make the decision as easy as possible by showing you the styles that suit you best.

Come and talk to our experts about your next tile project. Large or small, doesn’t matter. Mosaic tiles can enchant us in a mass of colour. Or in a single line of dazzling beauty. And trap us either way in an Aladdin’s Cave of choices! Our tile experts will help you choose the right tile from a technical standpoint. But between this shade of blue, or that of bluegreen—definitely talk to our style experts. When you need to understand how colours change in the changing light, draw on their incredible experience. These people are passionate about design, and want you to have outcomes you’ll be happy to live with.

Perhaps you’re planning a new pool. You want to be confident you’ve got the colour and effect of your pool tiles spot-on. That you understand how moving water and changing light can affect colour perception? Maybe you’re working to a tight budget, and want to add a luxurious highlight to a tiled wall? Explore the possibilities that a simple line of high quality glass mosaic tiles can add. Come and look at our incredible range. Use ‘The Visualiser’ in store, to explore your options. With mosaic in hand, and trying different combinations, you can have greater confidence in the choices you make. And have fun, too. Mosaics: they fascinate us!

Mosaic Tiles

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Create an amazing mosaic feature for your bath or shower upgrade with the expert advice from our experienced specialists at Beaumont Tiles. Get access to the latest styles and designs that will deliver your perfect look that will be the highlight of your next project or bathroom renovation.

Our mosaic tile selection is also ideal for kitchen splashbacks, pools and flooring with enough design options to deliver stylish looks throughout your entire home.

With over 55 years of experience we have the passion, expertise and customer focus to help you achieve your perfect mosaic look. Browse through our full selection of mosaic tiles online today.

Glass Mosaic Tiles

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Bring any room or outdoor space to life with our range of beautiful glass mosaic tiles. Our collection features a playful array of different shapes, colours, finishes and sizes suitable for any area of the home or for pool tiles.

Laying Mosaic Tiles

See our DIY guides for more tips and information on how to tile any area with any types of tiles.


  • Unpack and check the condition of your mosaic tiles before you start laying. If you have any issues with your tiles it's much, much easier to sort them out or replace them before you stick them down!
  • Ensure the surface you're laying your mosaic tiles on is properly prepared and dry.
  • Always refer to the manufacturer's instructions. These are typically printed on or included in the box of mosaic tiles.
  • Installation of mosaic tiles will vary from site to site and application will vary for areas such as pools, bathrooms and splashbacks. When laying glass mosaics always refer to Australian standards and your local requirements and regulations.