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Floor Tiles

Our designers at Beaumont Tiles have traveled the world to source the best floor tiles from around the globe.

In today’s homes, we are welcomed with floor tiles from the front entrance down the hallway leading into open plan kitchen and living areas. It is for this household ideal, that we want to get our flooring right. Quality tiles are hands down the most practical choice, and combine this with under-tile heating in the area’s you need toasty bare feet, there’s not many other reasons to consider other flooring options.

Technological advancements have catapulted tiles into the world of making any look possible. Do you love the look of timber hard wood floors? It’s easy to emulate this look with hard wearing porcelain timber look tiles. No more dog or cats scratching the floors while bolting for the door, or nervously welcoming a visitor wearing stiletto shoes.

Slabs of luxurious marble or stone are not only heavy from the hip pocket, but also heavy in reality. Instead buy, 6mm thick porcelain Slab tiles in marble or stone designs, achieving a practical and cheaper alternative for both floor or wall tile features. Large format tiles will also visually open up a space giving greater scope for creating your perfect living room.

Taking that one step further outside, porticos, patios and alfresco living, do need that little bit of extra safety consideration. Include these outdoor adjacent spaces in your planning, explore our large range of high quality floor tiles to achieve a seamless inside-outside look. Talk to our tile experts. They can explain the different slip and wear ratings, to help you choose the right tile with safety uppermost in mind for the job. And still be on-trend with the latest designs. And be sure to check out the latest large format tiles, and innovation in grout that is resistant to stains. Beaumont Tiles experts make it easy for you to explore your ideas and get the style you want for your floors. Come and use our fantastic visualiser. A brilliant bit of software that lets you see how different styles, shapes and colour combinations would look in your place. We have an enormous range of quality floor tiles. Good quality is important because floor tiles need to stand up to a lifetime of heavy demand. Yet still be the source of daily comfort and pleasure—for years.

Whether searching for a specific colour and textured high quality tile for your next project, or just starting to explore your dream renovation—visit a Beaumont Tiles Store near you. Check out our huge range of floor tiles. Talk to our tile experts and our designers. Explore your dreams.

Floor Tiles

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Our Strategic Designer On - Choosing Floor Tiles

I like to go with a dark shade tile that draws the eye upwards and out, which is something that can be achieved with penny rounds, decorative, or large format and slab tiles. My fave go-tos are timber look tiles though, as you can run them from your front porch right through to your backyard pool to create a truly indoor-out living space, which is perfect for Australian living.

For the trend-savvy, terrazzo tiles are another timeless and impactful option. They’re delicate yet playful and blend beautifully into trending shades like blush pink, and organic blues or greens. Plus. for creating zones between the kitchen and living or hallway and bathroom, terrazzo is a great way to add complexity to your overall design narrative.

If you're thinking of tiling a floor in a wet area, you should also definitely look at textured tiles to make sure you have enough slip resistance.