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Ceramic Tiles

Ceramic tiles are one of the most flexible, functional and attractive floor and wall surfaces known to mankind, and their history goes back thousands of years.

Sometime around 4000 years ago – yep, ceramic tiles have been popular for that long – the ancient Egyptians discovered that by firing pieces of clay in a very hot oven they could create a material that was strong, durable, water-resistant and attractive.

Ceramic tiles have come a long way since then, but they’re still known for their strength, hardiness and pleasing aesthetics.

A great choice for both environmentally-conscious and budget-conscious homeowners, ceramic tiles are made from an abundant natural material – clay. They’re also free from harmful VOCs and their impressive longevity means they don’t just look great for much longer than floor materials like carpet, they’re much less wasteful too.

Today, there are almost limitless options for the ceramic tiles you can choose for your home and to suit your style. At Beaumont Tiles you’ll find a huge range of ceramics to suit all tastes and budgets.

Ceramic Tiles

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A note on ceramic vs porcelain tiles

Ceramic tiles are a fantastic cost-effective alternative to porcelain tiles and look amazing in many settings, but there are some small but important differences between the two types of tiles.

Porcelain tiles are fired at higher temperatures than their ceramic cousins, and a result they end up harder and denser. If choosing tiles that are as tough, durable or water resistant as possible is important to you, we recommend you explore our range of porcelain tiles.