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Sintra Grey Textured


600x300 MM


Variation: V4


Named after the beautiful Serra da Sintra area of Portugal, Sintra stone holds ancient beauty in its soft veining and natural design. Sintra Grey is a stunning textured, glazed porcelain tile that will form the perfect backdrop. Sintra Black is made in Italy and exclusive to Beaumonts.

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We love showing you our tiles on our website, but please ensure you come in-store to see these beauties in person, as colours can vary on computers and you can’t see the detail of the textures well either. We want to make sure you buy the perfect tile for you and whilst you are in-store our experts can ensure you buy the right tile for your special project. We do our best to keep all our information updated, however every now and then our product information or prices may be incorrect, please check with your local store to confirm details.