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Living Nero Glazed-Porcelain Textured


450x75 MM



This is a glazed porcelain tile. As chosen by the contestants on House Rules. Throw away the rule book and embrace your inner intuition with this Eclectic Bohemian tile. Always warm and welcoming, Classic Traditional tiles are timeless. You have permission to be cosy, comfortable and charming with this Country Chic tile. Create a coastal-inspired retreat with tiles from our Coastal style. Less is more. Create a contemporary space with the clean, simple lines of this tiles. Immerse yourself in the world at large with this Global Fusion tile. Modern tiles are restrained but bespoke when a bold splash of colour, or dynamic geometric forms are used. Twist, shake and shout - Retro Vintage tiles are fun with loads of flair! The secret of Scandi is out! Create one of the most popular styles of all with this Scandinavian tile. This Urban Industrial tile is functional and stylish with surfaces that are not traditional, often stripped back and even salvaged. The textured surface of this product increases its suitability for use in wet areas like bathrooms. Refer to the slip rating for more information. Get the timber look with the practicality and durability of tiles.

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Some tiles emulate a ‘natural look’ with each tile having variation of pattern and contrast. We therefore recommend dry lay prior to stick down to get an idea of what it will look like after laying. We do our best to keep all our information updated, however every now and then product information or prices may be incorrect, please check with your local store to confirm details.