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Benefits of Tiles

A Great Investment with a Guarantee

  • For such an economical choice, tiles are a great long term investment. With careful selection you’ll enhance your home and add to its capital value, all while enjoying great tile prices. At Beaumont’s all our first grade tiles are guaranteed for 10 years.

Great for Allergies

  • Tiles are an incredible solution for people who suffer allergies and asthma. Plus, one of the benefits of tiles is that they’re super easy to keep clean, even with natural products.

Right Tile, Right Project

  • With so many different types of tiles it’s super important to choose the right ones; make sure the tile is suitable for your area (for example, check they’re made for a wet area or if some resistance to slip is necessary) and check the wear rating.
  • At Beaumont’s we’d rather lose a sale than sell the wrong ones.
  • And while most tilers know their trade, they may not be up with the latest technical developments, so if your tiler tells you something different to what your tiler merchant has said – get another opinion.

Slip Resistant

  • Most flooring can become slippery when wet. Surface dust can also contribute to this. Floor mats can help as can tiles with a skid resistant surface. Remember ‘though a rougher surface will take a little more effort to clean.

Tiling for Cooler Climates

  • Hotwire Under Tile Heating is perfect for the Australian climate. The 4mm thick element is placed directly on top of the sub floor (rather than the traditional "In Slab" heating) with the tiles simply laid over the top. As the heating element is so close to the floor surface you can warm your home in only 30-60 minutes. The fully programmable touch screen thermostat comes with a timer to program your under tile heating to switch on when you require it, so when you arrive home or get up in the morning your home is luxuriously warm and waiting for you. Under Tile Heating is ideal if you are renovating as only the floor surface needs to be replaced to facilitate tile installation. You can cover an area from the smallest bathroom through to the biggest living areas, and with running costs as low as 2c per m2 per hour (subject to electricity tariffs) it’s an amazing cost-effect way to heat your home.

How much should you pay for tiles

  • Tiles last a long time so a few dollars saved by buying inferior product may come back to haunt you. While we encourage you to consider bargains, we think it’s worth paying a bit extra to get your dream space looking good.

Pet Friendly

Gentle on paws, resistant to claws and forgiving of little accidents, tiles and pets get along just fine.

Find out why tiles are pet friendly.

Scratch Resistant

The daily grind of high heels, enthusiastic dogs, and even wheeling out your laundry are among the difficulties your floor needs to endure. Porcelain tiles are famous for their practicality, they thrive because they are one of the hardest working floors to resist scratches and marks.

Learn why tiles are so scratch resistant.

High Heel Friendly

Love your heels but worried your floor won't?

You can trample over tiles in your tallest stilletos all day long with no fear.

Tiles are tough: find out why.

Underfloor Heating Compatible

In the depths of winter, we desire flooring that keeps our toes warm, made possible through underfloor heating. While underfloor heating is readily available for most flooring choices, its effectiveness depends on the thermal conductivity of the flooring material. Good conductivity ensures the floor heats up quicker, gives off more heat and is more efficient to run. This makes tiles the best flooring to use with under tile heating. Beaumont Tiles’ strategic designer, Christie Wood, said Tiles have high thermal conductivity, meaning the heat transfers to the floor surface quickly. “It also retains heat well, not only making the system efficient but ensuring toasty toes even in rooms that have high heat loss,” Christie says.

Allergy Friendly

Tiles are nothing to sneeze at - in fact, they're one of the best flooring options for people with allergies or Asthma.

Find out Why

Termite and Woodworm Proof

A survey by CSIRO suggests that one in three dwellings have termites within the property boundary and many of those homes are at risk, particularly those with termite food available such as untreated wood and wood products. A benefit of tiles is that they are immune to these highly destructive pests which the Australian Institute of Architects suggests attacked 130,000 Australian homes in a year, with estimates of $1.5 billion in damage.

Find out more.

Low Maintenance

Tiles require very little upkeep. With nearly 1 in 5 Australians losing family time to housework, the low, low demands of looking after tiles means more time doing the things you love.

Find out how

Long Lasting

With an average lifespan that far exceeds most other flooring options, and even often pushes the 100-year mark, tiles are one of the most durable materials you can choose for your home.

Find out why long-lasting tiles are a great investment.

Odour Free

Flooring takes the brunt of food and liquid spills, muddy footy boots and animal accidents, resulting in uninvited odours despite the best cleaning efforts. For some flooring choices, such as wood, high humidity and water can produce a musty smell, particularly when the room receives no ventilation or natural sunlight. Carpet, timber, concrete and vinyl flooring are all like a big sponge – they absorb odour like a sponge absorbs water, even when sealed. Non-porous or impervious flooring such as glazed porcelain and ceramic tiles do not absorb soils or moisture.


It is not just the wet areas of the home, such as bathrooms and kitchens that are likely to get liquid on them. Kids, pets and parties are among the spill inducing scenarios that can see the lounge room, dining room and bedroom floors become soaked – potentially having long term effect on the floor. Then there are always wet feet from a swim at the pool or beach, which are unavoidable during the summer months. Former Block-heads Simon and Shannon Vos, who, when not running their design and construction business, love getting out in the surf year-round. They say that while most flooring will absorb moisture, tiles are the ideal waterproof flooring. “The tile’s durable glaze on top of the surface does not let liquid seep through,” says Simon. “Tiles are virtually impenetrable and will not let liquids soak in, allowing for easy maintenance and worry-free cleaning,” says Shannon.

VOC Free

Many man-made products use Volatile Organic Compounds or VOCs, which can over time produce vapours or gases. These vapours or gases can be of particular concern for households with babies, small children or anyone suffering from an illness. VOCs are known to present potential health risks, however this is dependent on the nature of the compound, level of exposure, length of exposure and the individual exposed to it. Beaumont Tiles’ strategic designer, Christie Wood, says: “While some flooring choices, like vinyl, include VOCs that have been connected to health problems such as respiratory problems, headaches and skin disease, the good news is they are not used in the production of tiles.”